Hey Inspirations!

We know that all of our beautiful readers come in all shapes and sizes and therefore we wanted to post this opportunity for our curvy readers and their voluptuous associates! 

Miss All Curves Finals is brought to you by AllCurves Fitness - a brand aimed at encouraging and empowering women not to focus purely on weight but more on health and shape.

If you are a curvy lady and fancy your chances at winning £150 cash + professional photo shoot + 1 year modelling contract with upcoming urban modelling agency + agent representation, then SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY NOW!

Today you can apply to join in the Miss AllCurves Final and you could be in with a chance of winning the fabulous prizes mentioned above! Enter now!

Applicants must be 18-25 years and between sizes 10-16
To enter email the following in to: bmusicmedia@outlook.com -
1. Two-three pics including one full body shot
2. Name, contact info, location and age

Competition to be held in Summer 2015!
Good luck to all who apply, keep us posted on your progress and we may feature you in a forthcoming post!