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This month She Inspired Her aim their Business Spotlight at the female owned company Accolade Corporate Events, set up in 2001 by Mandy Applegate and Jane Chapman. Their company specialise in team building, corporate events and corporate entertainment; working mainly in the corporate sector with their bigger clients having included the likes of John Lewis, Barclaycard and BP... to name but a few!

At Accolade Corporate Events (ACE) they pride themselves in providing fun and engaging event solutions for companies, catering to anything from 10 people to 5000 people and willing to travel worldwide to deliver their services; although mainly trading within the UK.

Crystal King from She Inspired Her caught up with the women behind the business to find out more about their business journey together, how they got started, their future plans, and whether team work really does make the dream work; of course picking up pockets of inspiration for our readers every step of the way!

Business Spotlight Questions & Answers 
with Accolade Corporate Events

Many of our female readers have mentioned in the past that they decided to go it alone in business and have found it a bit of a lonely journey to take; maybe partnering up and joint ventures would be a good option for them to consider! 

Q: So how did the two of you meet and what made you decided to go into partnership and create this concept together? Are two heads really better than one?

A: We met when both of us were freelancing for other team building companies. We both recognised in each other the enthusiasm that we had for the industry and loved discussing new creative team events. We felt that there was a gap in the market for eye for detail and a personalised service and so we set up Accolade Corporate Events and we are proud to say that we still have some clients that we started with all those years ago. Two heads are definitely better than one! We bounce ideas off each other and we have a small creative team that thrives on challenges – it’s a fun place to work.

Q: So tell us more about the Accolade Corporate Events team building service! What is Team Building for those who do not know, and how has team building changed over the years 

A: Team building events have definitely changed over the years. It used to be that people were thrown in the middle of nowhere and asked to navigate their way back on a cold wet day or asked to build a raft. It’s exactly because of these old school team activities that we created a broad range of different fun team building events – on the basis that if we would like to take part in them, then so would our clients! Team events such as Team Apprentice and Team Generation Game are just two of our very successful events that corporate clients just love.

Q: How can our readers and their businesses benefit from your team building services?

A: Clients normally come to us with their objectives, they may have a conference for 200 people and after lunch they need them all energised, we can do that very easily or they may need their conference message reinforced in a fun environment – again that’s no problem. Objectives that we hear time after time are building communication, one team company and breaking down barriers.
We encourage clients to tell us about their objectives and their teams and then we can provide them with effective corporate events solutions.

Q: That sounds great - so where can our readers find you and get in touch to find out more?

A: We love a challenge and encourage them to get in touch!
Your readers can call us on: 0800 083 1172
Readers can email us at:
Check out our

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  1. Hey I was also present there and at the time of Business Spotlight Questions & Answers with Accolade Corporate Events I asked for the ideas for fun team building activities for work and they have provided so many great ideas for these fun activities.


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