The Spotlight is on King LaSheek and the new She's King Empire!

This week She Inspired Her had a great catch up with busy business woman Odja Mya Lluna a.k.a King LaSheek; the entrepreneur, events manager, producer and Founder of the rising "She's King" brand and movement! 


Crystal: Hey Miss King LaSheek! For our readers whom are discovering you for the first time, let's start at the beginning with you telling us what the "She's King" brand is all about and what your vision was when you first set about creating the brand?

King LaSheek: "She's King is a brand that I created which represents the new generation of young ambitious entrepreneurial women. It is a network of like-minded young women whom are affiliated to other young and mature powerful females, in both different and similar industries.

There is also developing clothing line and merchandising that compliments the She's King Lifestyle.
I believe that when you awaken this 'silent breed' of girls with true potential who are becoming outstanding women, to recognise themselves through each other, not only do you empower the individual, but you also - not create, but unearth an evolutionary community of young women.
Being a part of such a movement, such network, encourages one to go a head & fulfil their true potential & purpose confidently. 
Society had a way of shadowing women's strengths and equality to men, but it's not hard to see that feminists are being heard & women are breaking through society's constraints against them."

Crystal: That is a very strong vision, so tell us, why the name "She'sKing"?
King LaSheek: "When I began to discover myself better as an individual and a young woman, I was starting to become more aware of my strengths but also my flaws & weaknesses. I didn't want flaws & weaknesses because society & my desired industry looked down on them, so I worked towards 'removing them'. This was when I learnt that my flaws & weakness contributed to my strengths & my unique identity. 

I decided to focus on accepting what I couldn't & shouldn't change, love myself & discipline myself to be better in all the other ways I could. So that if I was being disrespected or undermined, it would only be because I did something wrong or I gave reason to be disrespected & not because I was a young woman, or decisive & confident. So I guess the name came from what I saw of myself. My qualities. These qualities came from both of my parents. 
Inner strength, beauty & grace - this is my mum whom people refer to as my twin. She is not so traditional, independent, very ambitious yet laid back with a warm nature. I recognise these same qualities in myself. 
Discipline & wisdom - my dad, whom I have a strong relationship with. He is traditional & stands as the authoritative figure in my life. He lives on principles & has strong leadership qualities. I am strongly influenced by both my parents and so they naturally inspired (me).
So She's (my mother) King (my father)  is who I am. 

Crystal: So do you have a favourite quote  or motto that you live by to share with our readers?

Crystal: So at this stage, what advice would you give to other young women who are reading this and are also trying to get into the industries that you work within, do you have any tips or recommendations for our readers?
King LaSheek: I would say even if you know what you know, have an inquiring mind and focus your younger years on learning and exploring as many options as you can access. 

Volunteer in starting up enterprises (and for) upcoming professionals as well as the bigger more established companies/people. Soak it all in and learn; this is what makes you even more credible later on in your career. Take your self seriously and others will too. 
So do you have anything coming up on the horizon that you'd like to share or promote to our readers?

King LaSheek: 
We are currently recruiting members to our network and would love to have some of your readers on board. 
For a chance to become a part of our network and join our mailing list for upcoming private networking events your readers can email us at:

We are also looking for THREE designers to join the Apparel Team and establish their work through the She's King brand. Interested designers can also email us for more information at:

Follow the She's King Empire on Social Media (click icons)

The Spotlight is on King LaSheek and the new She's King Empire! The Spotlight is on King LaSheek and the new She's King Empire! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 17:03 Rating: 5


  1. This confirms that we can run, walk, dance, fly or skip as we observe life's unfolding and enjoy it all the way. A true inspiration and the similarities are quite uncanny!

  2. Wow lovely interview. Love independent woman. Go she'king


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