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Is Hollywood TV becoming more diverse?

Here at She Inspired Her we LOVE "All things Woman" and so, in the midst of the ridiculously backward, openly exposed and frankly SAD reality that the Oscars do not acknowledge the talents and hard works of actors of colour (of any gender); it is at least a breath of fresh air to see the world of TV finally – even if a little slowly - looking at and embracing representing real women from various backgrounds and honouring them each year with events like the ELLE Women in TV Celebration.

There is still a long way to go yes, but with its ever expanding platforms for streaming it seems that (probably mostly by demand) as well as looking at diversifying their stations, Hollywood TV has indeed continued to open up real roles that can be related to by women everywhere. 

On Wednesday evening in West Hollywood ELLE honoured over 50 of these women in TV, including its February cover stars: Viola Davis, Priyanka Chopra, Olivia Wilde, Taraji P. Henson, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.  This was ELLE’s 6th Annual Women in TV Celebration, which was sponsored by Hearts on Fire Diamonds and Olay.

Now, I know that there are questions that will inevitably crop up from many people as a result of reading my article still asking “but are these women are being represented correctly within their possibly ‘pre-written’ and ‘given’ roles? Are they simply being put into stereotypical roles more suited to the views of those casting them and writing their scripts? Well with this is a valid point – and  I ask you - what do you think? (Leave your comments below – that can be for a future article).

Personally, I hear all the complaints about lack of diversity and the need for change and I do wholly and completely agree! HOWEVER, due to my own beliefs in how this whole thing works within our universe, I like to focus on and applaud any GOOD that IS currently happening, embrace it, and acknowledge it as a positive step in the right direction – then hoping to attract and manifest even more in the future! Hence my writing this article and sharing it with you all; to get our minds back on track with what we DO want and to no longer be focussing on what we dont want! So breathe in and then exhale the good vibes!

So I  send out my virtual applause to all the amazing women out there who are working in or on TV and doing a great job, many of whom are acting as role models to a younger female generation currently obsessed about relating to what is on the box in-front of them.

Sure we still have a long way to go as I said above and not all roles can be applauded (especially in reality TV...  uh-hum) – but for me Gabrielle Union,  Taraji P. Henson and Priyanka Chopra are certainly paving the way for a more diverse future for women of colour in TV and that I am proud to see. 

Article written by Crystal King 
Extract from Elle.com / Images from Elle.com

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