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#12Watch: BBC and Magic FM Broadcast Journalist Nicola Richards

Nicola Richards is a talented British television personalityand radio broadcaster who currently works for BBC, Magic FM, Absolute Radio and Croydon Radio. The versatile and highly regarded Richards - who hails from Croydon, South London - studied broadcast journalism and initially got her break presenting around the world for Disney on luxury cruise ships. 

The gifted London-born multimedia talent supremely exudes engaging charisma, magnetic down-to-earth charm, sublime technical ability and an innate ability in meticulous preparation, whilst boasting consistently high quality performances and building natural and sincere rapport with television and radio audiences in the United Kingdom alike. In addition, Nicola Richards provides superb reassuring comfort for her diverse array of guests who appear live on-air and remains a classic example of a true consummate multimedia professional who intelligently works extremely hard on precisely perfecting her craft daily despite her overwhelming success, industry credibility and respect amongst peers and viewers in multimedia broadcast journalism.

Nicola Richards' immaculate crystal clear voice (Richards is an accomplished voice over artist), rich experience, broad topical knowledge, excellent professionalism and intense dedication to intricate detail ultimately separates her from industry colleagues in the United Kingdom, whereas her inspirational and upbeat Croydon Radio hit show "The Positive Vibes Talent Show" remains the flagship offering on the network courtesy of incredible uplifting stories, heartfelt positivity and unique individuals who feature on a weekly basis.

The charismatic and dynamic broadcast journalist has travelled the entire world garnering a wealth of industry experience and is a regular presenter in the ever-growing market of internet television. Nicola Richards has routinely interviewed some of London's most fascinating multimedia personalities for London TV; Richards co-produced the show for London TV. Furthermore, Nicola Richards has featured on "Brilliant Britain" on The Community Channel and has also used her adeptness as a travel journalist to report on and broadcast regular detailed travel reports for the United Kingdom's mainstream titan broadcasters - BBC andTalkSPORT.

Moreover, Nicola Richards overall talent and body of works speaks unprecedented volumes and her uber-positive nature, humility and compassion brings incessant joy and happiness to jubilant audiences via her craft and throughout her presence in the community. The multi-talented Londoner also creates journalistic inspirational content on her motivational blog entitled Nicola Said Voice. Overall, Nicola Richards is unequivocally an inspirational leader in her field by example and unmistakably sets the gold standard for others to follow in her path.

View Nicola Richards' showreel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S52U3dM6Bc

Nicola Richards Twitter: @NicolaSaidVoice

Nicola Richards Instagram: @NicolaSaidVoice

Article by: Dean Perretta
Two-time Award-winning Multimedia Creative
COO (Chief Operating Officer) for In-spire LS Magazine
Dean Perretta Twitter: @DeanPerretta

#12Watch: BBC and Magic FM Broadcast Journalist Nicola Richards #12Watch: BBC and Magic FM Broadcast Journalist Nicola Richards Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 20:07 Rating: 5

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