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GUEST POST: The Black Butterfly Effect and 30 Day Mind Fast by Cezanne

The Black Butterfly Effect
What is the ‘Black Butterfly Effect’?
Effectively, it is a process of TRANSFORMATION which takes place from the INSIDE, OUT.

The caterpillar is a METAPHOR for the condition you currently find yourself in; you may feel like you’re crawling through life, with aspirations of being able to fly.  Flying is a metaphor for rising above your circumstances, and living your dreams.

So how do you transform yourself from a CATERPILLAR into a BUTTERFLY?
The process can be slow, and painful: First you have to ‘cocoon’ yourself away from outside negative influences. By taking the time to ‘go within’ you can begin the process, because essentially, The Black Butterfly Effect is a transformation of the MIND!  Once your mind is transformed, everything else will follow!  You may have heard of the term ‘CAUSE and EFFECT’?  Your THOUGHTS are the CAUSE of everything you experience, so to change the EFFECT (your outcomes), you’ll need to CHANGE YOUR MIND.
So how do you get from where you are now (crawling), to where you want to be (flying)?

The quickest way is to stop feeding your mind the things it usually likes consuming, by going on a MIND DETOX.
Put your Self on a 30 Day Mind Fast; during this time, you must only feed your mind with thoughts and images that are positive, loving, and support your well-being:
·         No tell-lie-vision (especially the news)
·         Limit your time spent on social media
·         Read/listen to things that will support your spiritual growth and generate good feelings.
·         Spend time each day sitting in ‘the Silence’
·         Eat healthily

The 30 Day Mind Fast is your ‘cocooning period’.  Spend less time communicating with the outside world, and go within.  I explain the whole process in my poem ‘The Black Butterfly Effect’:
…So turning into a chrysalis
You cocoon yourself from the outside world
The enclosing shell limits your freedom
For the duration of the transformation
Blocking off all negative influences
Like newspapers, radio and the tell-lie-vision
You find a sturdy branch to attach yourself to;
A new belief system that actually serves you?

And hanging upside-down,
You see things from a different perspective
Now everything looks new!

Now of course, your body will try to fight this process – it doesn’t want to change, but you do! It’s not used to consciously choosing to think positive, loving thoughts, and refusing Self-defeating thoughts.  You can support your body during this period by eating healthy; this will have a positive effect on your mental state as well. Eat plenty of fruits (especially first thing in the morning), drink plenty of water, eat foods provided by Mother Nature e.g. vegetables, seeds, nuts, and if you’re going to eat meat, make sure it’s organic.  Eat and drink as much green stuff as possible!
Your body will fight all through the 30 Day Mind Fast but stick with it, because the change is occurring on a cellular level; your thoughts are not just in your head, they are in every cell in your body!

And so inside your cocoon, a miracle is occurring;
As you focus on the person you wish to become
Visualising yourself as a beautiful butterfly, flying
Tiny cells begin to form which are different from your caterpillar cells;
What biologists call ‘imaginal cells’ begin to appear
Carrying different information
Vibrating at a different frequency to your old cells
They are operating at the frequency of the emerging butterfly!

At the end of the 30 Day Mind Fast, you can expect to feel more positive, energized, and healthy, both physically and mentally!  This is just the beginning of your transformation; as part of the process, you might have to change some of your belief systems, and this might take longer than 30 days, but you will now be well on your way!

Once you have fully developed your new mental
powers, you feel ready to take on the world;
So fluttering, you open your right wing,
Then your left wing,
And fly away to dance among the flowers!

© Cezanne 2012

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Download Year One of Cezanne’s Self-help novel ‘Journey of a Sister’ FREE this weekend! www.journeyofasister.com
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