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#VenueLaunch Vaulty Towers - Lower Marsh, London... The Creepiest "WOW" venue you've ever encountered! #LondonEvents by Crystal King UK

It is a new year - so out with the old and in with the new right? Well if you were anywhere near Lower Marsh in the early parts of January 2017 you will have seen the new beginnings and rapid developments of the snazzy, eye-catching and standout refurbishment to newly opened venue "Vaulty Towers".

Being the newest edition to Waterloo, this trendy bar brought to you by 'The Vaults Theatre', serves up a generous selection of food and drinks while offering a uniquely theatrical experience that can only be described as a 'glittering spook-fest' for the fun, free spirited and uniquely-humoured individual.

Before you even enter the Vaulty Towers building you just KNOW that you are in for something special! Evidently, in the very short space of time that I waited outside the venue for it's 4pm public launch (glove-less in London's January freeze; fingers experiencing a numb feeling of nothing-ness, losing all life and sensation...) I saw at least a dozen passers-by crossing the road to hold their hands up to the sides of their heads in the attempts to catch a glimpse of the wonders awaiting inside!

From the colourful hand-painted zombie figures surrounding the venue walls, to the strange window decor (jars filled with all kinds of oddities... and tea bags) - it really is too tempting a venue to just pass by! PLUS the huge silver glittering crescent moon that you can see through the window glass could transform even the most corporately robotic of wo-man kind into being a sweet-toothed kid at a candy shop window!

At 4pm prompt (I love a launch that kicks off on-time, especially in this weather) Dino opened the doors and let us all into Vaulty Towers! I was actually the first through the doors, escaping the cold normality of Lower Marsh and immediately feeling like Alice in Wonderland propelled into an uncanny vortex of creepy-wow!!

Giant creepy hands hanging from the ceiling, over-grown cobwebs, tree houses, caged birds (whom have definitely seen better days) and zebra-headed saloon doors are but a few of the attractions within this venue like no other. Heavily featuring props from previous productions that have been held at The Vault Theatre including the popular 'Goosebumps' production and Roald Dahl's 'The Twits'; there is something to marvel at from wall to wall and corner to tree house within Vaulty Towers...and the ladies toilets certainly do not disappoint either! Kindly pointed out by Mr Bone-Jangle himself these rather peculiar toilets feature a larger than life skeleton chilling on his side, bronze jewel-encrusted spider webs on the door and (of course) a lovely old man's trilby hat for a lamp shade!

So you really can't even go for a tinkle without encountering things that go bump in the night - there is simply no escape. As friendly Manager Dino so fittingly informed me "...nothing get's wasted here..." after generously taking a snap of me chilling on the silver moon and while letting me know that all kinds of weird and wacky pieces will be added to feature in the venue from The Vault Theatres forthcoming productions too! I for one, cannot wait to see what comes next!

A set menu is ready to try out right away ranging from £2.50 - £9.00 with some delicious servings on offer from Buttermilk Fried Chicken Wings with pickled chilli to House Baked Rosemary and Foccacia with Olives! Your food will be serrved up by the likes of 'Klose & Soan' who will be the masters of the kitchen at Vaulty Towers for the forthcoming months. Other options available include Makrell a la Plancha/Zhoug (nope, no idea what that is beyond the makrel), Sardinian Fregola with Chickpeas, Cavolo Nero, Lemon, Pecorono (yep same as before), Patatas Bravas (yum), french fries and hummus & flat bread. 
The prices for beverages are very fair with a single Vodka setting you back around £3:30 and a double for around £4.90. A very good selection of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks are available. 

Not to worry - seen as I conveniently reside just behind this incredible venue I'll be sure to give them all a go to ensure that I know what I am writing about (any excuse) nom nom nom! 

So be it your main desire to chill in an intimate booth surrounded by overgrown cotton cobwebs while on-looking giant circus zebras with your beau or to venture through the zebra-headed saloon doors and head downstairs into the unknown... this is a venue that you MUST try out even just to say that you have been there! P.s ... as I was first in and first at the bar on the launch day I think I can safely say that I was the first EVER member of the public to grab a double vodka lemonade at Vaulty Towers on Lower Marsh!? There must be some sort of award for that no? 
Well nonetheless it's 5 stars for Vaulty Towers from me for being a damn good breath of creative fresh air sure to inspire some of my forthcoming local drinks and meet-up's and with wifi-to-boot, perfect for when I just need a creative space to munch on some nosh and write my next blog post!

Vaulty Towers Launched on 26th January 2017
To check out 'What's On' at The Vaults click here

Article by Crystal King UKDirector at London creative events agency Celebrity Creations Management 
Contact: info@CelebrityCreationsManagement.com 
#VenueLaunch Vaulty Towers - Lower Marsh, London... The Creepiest "WOW" venue you've ever encountered! #LondonEvents by Crystal King UK #VenueLaunch Vaulty Towers - Lower Marsh, London... The Creepiest "WOW" venue you've ever encountered!  #LondonEvents by Crystal King UK Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 04:15 Rating: 5

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