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#WomenInBusiness: WWE Chief Brand Officer/TV Writer/Connor's Cure Charity Co-Founder Stephanie McMahon

WWE Chief Brand Officer, Corporate Businesswoman, Television Creative Writer and Co-Founder of registered charity Connor's CureStephanie McMahon, was born into the most royal and affluent bloodline in the world of sports-entertainment; Stephanie McMahon has worked previously as an Account Executive and Receptionist, Television Director, Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President. Since 2015, Stephanie McMahon has also been a board member of the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.

Stephanie McMahon's mother Linda McMahon ran for Senate of Connecticut (Republican) in 2010 and 2012 and United States President-Elect Donald Trump has confirmed intentions to make Linda McMahon his Administrator of Small Business Administration when officially inaugurated in the white house; Donald Trump was a part of WWE WrestleMania 23 and has engaged in corporate business with the McMahon family since the late 1980s. Stephanie McMahon is currently married to Paul "Triple H" Levesque, who is the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative of WWE.

Stephanie McMahon's father is Forbes certified billionaire Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr, who purchased a prosperous territorial-minded promotion from Stephanie McMahon's honorable late grandfather (Vincent J. McMahon Sr), and by virtue of Vincent K. McMahon Jr's ruthless, merciless, take-no-prisoners attitude, the Greenwich-residing businessman/promoter and creative visionary magically - and strategically - created a global entertainment juggernaut in WWE after the gluttonous box office and mainstream success of WWE WrestleMania I inside Madison Square Garden in New York on March 31, 1985.

Like her successful Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee father, Stephanie McMahon's intense fearlessness and immense drive continues to keep competitors on their toes and has been very instrumental in ultimately redefining the landscape of the global WWE entity and personal monopoly of the company.

Stephanie McMahon's current net worth is valued at over $54.6 million with an estimated $1.7 million annual salary according to Forbes. Unmistakably, the McMahon family took professional wrestling - which highbrow journalists and the cynical general public once looked down through their noses at - and single-handedly turned an entire industry into the desirable multi-billion hybrid attraction of sports-entertainment created today, which has seen mainstream  media officially cite Stephanie McMahon's father - Vincent K. McMahon Jr - as the Walt Disney of sports-entertainment; Stephanie McMahon studied at Boston University and earned a degree in Communications.
Throughout her successful career in business and entertainment, Stephanie McMahon has overseen all aspects of talent management and corporate business as well as social and digital media properties for WWE. As Executive vice-president of WWEStephanie McMahon is largely responsible for the success of the globally popular WWE app; the WWE app has been download over 20 million times.
In addition, Stephanie McMahon launched a media partnership with the USO metropolitan Washington, social media company Tout and YahooStephanie McMahon also led WWE's Creative initiative for Anti Bullying Campaign Be A Star. Furthermore, McMahon was responsible for daily operations for the official WWE website; Stephanie McMahon also leads WWE's targeted youth and mothers marketing programs and as Chief Brand Officer has generated partnerships with General Mills Totino's brand; Stephanie McMahon owns over $77 million in WWE stock.
Stephanie McMahon's grandfather (Vincent J. McMahon Sr) and great-grandfather (Jess McMahon) were both successful sports-entertainment promoters in the North East region of the United States (Jess McMahon's family came from Galway, Ireland); Stephanie McMahon is Irish-American and is very proud of her Irish roots.

Stephanie McMahon is a fourth generation sports-entertainment promoter, with her brother Shane McMahon also a fourth generation promoter. The influential McMahon family have engaged in major business deals with United States President-Elect Donald TrumpFloyd "Money" Mayweather JrKim KardashianRonda RouseySnoop Dogg, Flo Rida and "Iron" Mike Tyson to name a few and have remained to perennially keep their fingers on the pulse in business.

Moreover, Stephanie McMahon is a powerful woman who means business and despite being depicted as a catty, antagonistic, vengeful, mean-spirited character on television, her personality in real life is that of a sweetheart and is a charitable individual. Stephanie McMahon is a savvy businesswoman and a highly dedicated mother of three children and represents what an empowered, successful woman truly is in 2017. 
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