There are 4.5 million individuals in the United Kingdom who are currently suffering with diabetes with an additional 11.9 million individuals also at increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Individuals suffering with diabetes generally have to deal with short-term or long-term complications as a result of being diabetic.

According to a recent survey, 25% of the population in the United Kingdom believed that diabetes is not a cause for concern. At present, Diabetes UK are now investing £2.8 million in complications research of diabetes.

Of the £2.8 million which is being invested into complications research, 28% of the £2.8 million is designated for kidneys (£792,224), 22% on the heart (£632,862), 21% on eyes ((£594,519), 15% on the brain (£428,869) and 14% on feet (£406, 256).

Scientists are also developing a new cell-based treatment of individuals with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who are utilizing insulin therapy.

A team in Switzerland have engineered human kidney cells to release insulin in response to blood glucose levels. In turn, these designer cells could potentially be placed in a capsule and implemented under the skin to effectively treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in the future.

What Is Diabetes? (Video)

Credit : Dean Perretta +Dean Perretta