Crystal King UK Talks... Interview with Global Beauty Educator Eryca Freemantle


     On the morning of Monday 27th February 2017 Beauty Mogul and Global Beauty Educator Eryca Freemantle held an exclusive seminar about Makeup and Hair techniques for darker skin tones at the Professional Beauty show at Excel London. Attended by women of all races and ages this seminar opened up the doors to makeup artists of all ethnicity's, allowing them to learn more and to gain a much needed insight into how to cater to an audience of people with darker skin tones in the worlds of hair, makeup and beauty.

She Inspired Her Founder & Director of Celebrity Creations Management Crystal King UK attended the seminar and was able to personally connect and catch up with Eryca Freemantle after her session to bring this exclusive interview to the She Inspired Her readers!

Crystal King UK Talks... Interview with Global Beauty Educator Eryca Freemantle 

1  Crystal King UK: Good Morning Eryca! What a great moment this is for me to catch up with you and to find out more about your current endeavours in the world of Beauty. You have done so much over the years and you must be very proud! I'd love to know what makes you tick so I have to ask, what is the motivation behind you getting up each day and doing what you do? 

Eryca Freemantle: I love life.  I have had a very traumatic life. I hated myself and everything I represented for most of my life.  I didn’t like my complexion, I didn’t like my size I didn’t like my face because of the people I surrounded myself with for most of my life. I had no zest for life, I was just existing. Then a few years ago I had a remarkable thing happen to me - I had a nervous breakdown.  Remarkable is a strange word to use for something so sad. I realised then that I needed to fight, fight for my life, for some sort of normality. I swore then I would live each day as if it was my last. I am motivated, I am happy and I am eternally thankful.

    Crystal King UK: Wow! You are truly an incredibly strong woman and such a genuine source of inspiration for anyone going through the feelings and emotions connected to this type of experience. It really is so great to see what you have achieved despite the odds; showing others what can truly be done through a shift of awareness and a strong will and determination to live better for yourself!

    As a global beauty educator you have travelled the world to bless audiences with your knowledge and expertise in Beauty. Where would you say are your two favourite destinations in the world to do beauty business and why?

    Eryca Freemantle: 

    1. Dubai – It is a beautiful looking country.  Very pleasing on the eye.  The beauty industry (in Dubai) embraces me and always places me on their most prestigious platforms such as BeautyWorld Middle East and the Professional Beauty show. 

2. Nigeria – the beauty industry (in Nigeria) is flourishing and hungry for knowledge. I love the country, the warmth and the love. I love the idea that the majority of people (in Nigeria) look like me and they are always asking for my industry tips. I am very lucky to be at this stage in my career where I am appreciated across the globe.

Crystal King UK: Ah! As you know I LOVE Dubai and doing business there myself and we definitely look forward to having you at a forthcoming Beauty in Dubai trip in the not too distant future! I have also heard a lot about the thriving beauty market in Nigeria and it is great to hear that you are embraced globally for your great work.

    Well, I have met you in person a few times now Eryca, including when I had the pleasure of working alongside you and introducing your All Women of Colour discussion panel  down at the Olympia Beauty Show back in 2014. I have to say, from the outside looking in you always look absolutely flawless! Can you reveal to our readers what your four "must-have" makeup tools/products are in your own personal daily routine?

Eryca Freemantle: Thank you for your kind words. 
1. My favourite products are my facial wipes I use Simple facial wipes in the morning and at night. I still cleanse tone and moisture using other products but I couldn’t live without my wipes. 
2. My clear lip gloss makes me look and feel sexy I feel naked without it. 
3. My Urban Decay mascara works wonders, it makes my lashes look fake and I love the natural fake look.
4. My ultimate favourites are my two foundations – Makeup For Ever or Perfect Finish by Fashion Fair, couldn’t live without them.

    Crystal King UK: Lovely, I shall pass that on! Now, after attending your exclusive seminar on "Makeup and Hair techniques for darker skin tones" at Professional Beauty London, it was clear to see that you had a very diverse audience in attendance of the seminar; all equally keen to find out more about this subject. In your opinion would you say that the beauty industry is opening up and becoming more diverse with regards to catering to the needs of people of colour? Why do you think this is? 

Eryca Freemantle: I am fortunate to have been in partnership with the Professional Beauty show for the last 9 years. I use their platform and also that of Olympia Beauty to talk about the lack of diversity in the beauty industry for women of colour. I don’t think the industry has moved on very much because I have campaigned for nearly 15 years, campaigning in the mainstream space on the behalf of women of colour. I am proud to be in partnership with prestigious brands and Urban Decay are on board too, together we can and will make a difference over a period of time.

Crystal King UK: Well we thank you for paving the way and for opening the minds of many in the commercial beauty industry to inclusion and diversity; something which should be and hopefully will one day be recognised as 'the norm' because it is quite ridiculous and frustrating that it still is not! 

    Speaking of frustration, many people struggle to get thier businesses and brands off the ground, both in the beauty industry and in other industries alike. If you could give one tip or piece of advice to anyone in any industry or to someone working in beauty and wanting to follow a similar path to your own - what would you say?  

Eryca Freemantle: Go for it, let nothing get in your way. Align yourself with movers and shakers people who can and will make a difference.  Always train embark on new courses, keep up with industry trends.  Never get left behind because the beauty industry moves very fast

Crystal King UK: What you are looking for currently in terms of collaborations and how can readers get in touch?

Eryca Freemantle: We are one of the industry leading experts in training for makeup artistry and business growth within the beauty industry.  Due to public demand, we are partnering with prestigious brands and companies across the globe.  We have an excellent affiliate partners scheme where we pay our partners a percentage for promoting our services – ebooks, training courses, consultancy, mentoring, empowering services.  If you have a great platform and want to align your brand to one of the beauty industries best. 
We are open for business.

We do business with beauty-preneuers who take their business seriously, please contact us on:
Instagram: erycafreemantle
Twitter:  erycafreemantle

Interview and Article by Crystal King UK 
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