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Interview with Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Curvy Chick Fitness CEO/Owner Charity Lynette #WomenInFitness

The reputable female empowering Curvy Chick Fitness was founded by heralded New York-based Celebrity Fitness Instructor Charity Lynette

Throughout most of the inspirational Celebrity Fitness Instructors life she struggled and fought the odds with the territory of being overweight. However, the triumphant and motivational turning point in Charity Lynette's life was the tragic loss of her mother due to unhealthy living. 

Thereafter sadly losing her beloved mother, Charity Lynette decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and with her mother in mind she dedicated her life to helping others do the same, thus losing over 100 pounds in the process. 

Since then, Charity Lynette has consistently dedicated her time to visit Hospitals and Health fares around the nation to fully educate and empower women that although they all have curves, healthy curves are paramount for a healthier lifestyle.

Charity Lynette's inspirational and popular Curvy Chick Fitness brand has been featured on CNNNew York Daily NewsFirst For Women, eHow, CentricHip Hop Weekly, BustleBoston Fitness MagazineStylish Curves and many more heralded television networks and award-winning publications.

3-time Award-winning In-spire LS Magazine caught up with the very inspiring and multi-talented Celebrity Fitness Intructor and Curvy Chick Fitness CEO/Owner Charity Lynette to talk about the New York-based fitness professionals inspirational professional fitness career journey, the catalyst behind successfully transforming her lifestyle once and for all, enriching the lives of others courtesy of visiting hospitals and health fares, empowering women around the nation, the health benefits of playing basketball, being featured in globally revered mainstream media outlets and much more only on In-spire LS Magazine.

Q: Once upon a time Charity you struggled with weight issues and although you participated in High School and college Basketball you still continued to experience such complications. In hindsight, what positives overall did you take from that particularly period in your life?

Not to quit. You simply cannot quit on yourself. That can be applied to any area of your life at any given moment. This is something that basketball has taught me. If I quit, then I disappoint my team and I can't let my team down because we want to win and they are counting on me to do my part. Basketball teaches you to dig deeper in you and that you can always be doing something to get better. Basketball lessons equals life lessons. 

Q: A profound turning point in your life was sadly losing your mother due to unhealthy living. Can you explain to the audience more about why this was such a crucial turning point and catalyst for you to adopt a healthier lifestyle? 

At the time of her passing, I was 310 pounds. After going through paperwork and speaking with her doctor it was very apparent that everything was weight and health related. I was so angry at her for letting alcohol, cigarettes, fried foods, and laziness get the best of her. I was so mad she left me to go through this crazy world without her when I needed her most. I realized I wasn't too far from that lifestyle with the exception of cigarettes. Not much for me was different. It was then that I decided I wasn't going out like that. I wanted to be around for the people in my life that needed me. We literally only get one body and I wanted to be proud of what was created just for me.

Q: What is the most validating and enriching part about visiting the Hospitals and Health fares throughout the nation?

Showing people how to slowly integrate working out in their daily routine. When I point out to them that it is the small things they already do that can add up. For example, getting of the train or bus a couple of stops before your actual stop to walk the rest of the way home, using the stairs for a couple floors versus the elevator, doing a few floor exercises while catching up on your favorite show or scrolling on social media. Talking to them about food and what to look for at the grocery store, how to read labels and understand what they really are consuming. I love presenting them with healthy options and to see the light bulb go off in their head while doing this.

Q: Throughout your career you have instructed a pantheon of reputable celebrities who have wanted to change their lifestyle and become healthier once and for all. Of all of the celebrities which you have instructed, who was the most inspiring individual which you've worked with?

I would say Robin Kassner from Bravo TV's Millionaire Matchmaker. This women has only cancelled on me two times ever in life. She never quits trying and learning. Seeing her do things she couldn't do before and her change in attitude about exercise validates my purpose. No matter what is going on in her life she manages to stay in good spirits often times putting me in a better mood than when I arrived.

Q: What have been the biggest challenges for you as a Plus Size Model and Celebrity Fitness Instructor? 

As a fitness instructor my biggest challenges is other industry professionals, because they see that I am not all the way ripped with 15% body fat and think, I'm not legit. Which is ridiculous! That isn't my body goal. My goals are to be healthy and confident in my body and my self esteem. As a plus size model, sometimes I am not "plus enough" mainly because my upper body is pretty narrow and my cup size is small. Clients want you to be proportioned and my bust size in comparison to hip looks great but very hard to get booked with my bust to waist to hip ratio. 

Q: You've been featured in globally heralded media outlets as CNN, New York Daily News, First For Women, eHow, Centric, Hip Hop Weekly, Bustle, Boston Fitness Magazine, Stylish Curves and much more. What keeps your grounded irrespective of all of your success?

Never forgetting how I started and the crazy things I did just to survive here in New York. The struggle is most definitely real. I can't believe that I'm still standing here after my first couple of years, but that is what I reflect on to get me to the next goal. It helps keep me going to look back, then look at where I currently am, and look to where I want to be. Realizing that I still have so much more to do that I can't let it go to my head because it will slow down my progress. 

Q: What does your diet primarily consist of?

I eat pretty clean during the week. Chicken and Fish and tons of leafy vegetables. Apples, berries, nuts and I live for Peanut butter! One day a week I will eat whatever I want or have a craving for.

Q: When you're working out at the gym, what is generally your overall routine?

I like to do a weight circuit. It mixes the weights and cardio so that I burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. For example, I will do a set of bicep curls followed with squats then box jumps or squat jumps to get my heart rate up. I would do that series four or five times, then move on to three or four different exercises. I don't always have a lot of time, so I try to get a lot done in a hour and half.

Q: African-American women are naturally more voluptuous and curvaceous than woman of other races. How many African-American women in particular come up to you and personally tell you that you are an inspiration to them on a daily basis?

Quite a bit! Women in my neighborhood tell me they love my workout outfits and when they see me running or going to the gym it makes them realize they need to make more time for exercising because they love my body. And it feels good to hear from women in the community and to be acknowledged for something you enjoy doing. We need more of that! It makes me want to pass on the feeling and I find myself acknowledging other women as well.

Q: Lastly Charity, what message do you have for women out there who may be insecure about their bodies or feel highly pressured to live up to a standard of perceived beauty which is peddled within the mainstream media?

You have to first understand that even the girls in the media don't look like the girls in the media. I encourage women to workout because it's good for your body but it's equally good for your mind. The Endorphin's that are released during a workout trigger a positive feeling in the body. Exercising alone will change your outlook on your own body. There is a difference between not satisfied with your body and body shaming. If you have a few extra unwanted pounds there is nothing wrong with stepping up the workout and making better food choices. But to speak so negative of yourself and body to the point that you are ashamed and contemplating your self worth is not mentally safe. Ladies, we have to know that we are beautifully made and the opinions of others do not determine your worth.

Interview and Article by: @Dean Perretta at In-Spire LS Magazine

Interview with Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Curvy Chick Fitness CEO/Owner Charity Lynette #WomenInFitness Interview with Celebrity Fitness Instructor and Curvy Chick Fitness CEO/Owner Charity Lynette #WomenInFitness Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 18:36 Rating: 5

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