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350 Manicurists on a Mission to NAIL Mental Health this Sunday at the 'Nailing Mental Health' event, London

200- 350 manicurists painting over 8hrs! WOAH! Fancy getting your nails done, meeting new people and potentially being part of a Guinness World Record while raising money for some great Mental Health Charities - all in one happy Sunday? If the answer is yes then LET’S GO! It’s all happening this Sunday down at the ‘Nailing Mental Health’ event at the InterContinental Hotel, O2, London SE10 0TW from 10:00am – 6:30pm! We will be there, come and join in the fun!

Did you know that a shocking 6078 people lost their battle with mental illness in 2015? Nailing Mental Health have put their foot down and said that This is 6078 too many” and we wholeheartedly agree. Something must be done about these shocking statistics.

Career woman Stephanie Staunton, a Celebrity Manicurist and the Founder of Nailing Mental Health, described by popular blogger Charli Howard as “a loud and bubbly blonde, with tonnes of funny anecdotes and stories to tell (and) a level-headed, talented and ambitious businesswoman…” saw this statistic too and decided that she would take action!
Staunton, who herself has suffered from a mental health condition, stepped in to set-up the amazing initiative “Nailing Mental Health”! This weekend a very special ‘Nailing Mental Health’ event will be taking place to raise awareness of the rising problem of Mental Health and to raise money for mental health charities including MIND and also The Samaritans.
She Inspired Her had the pleasure to interview this busy lady just a couple of day’s pre-event to pick her beautiful brain about what is to come, with a quick shot 5 question interview!

Crystal King UK Interviews Stephanie Staunton, Founder of Nailing Mental Health.
Crystal King UK: Nailing Mental Health is an extraordinary concept and such an inclusive event; allowing everyone to get stuck in to raise money for Mental Health Charities AND of course to potentially be part of a Guinness World Record! What inspired you to do this event?

Stephanie Staunton: I was in my dressing gown with my cat. It was a little over a month since my serious suicide attempt and actually I was in a bipolar mania phase, so I get these huge ideas but then all of a sudden you come crashing back down and have to see through what crazy idea you've come up with now. I remember just wanting to draw attention to Mental Health, to show people who disapprove or don't get it, that it's normal, common and requires the same care and compassion as any other illness.

Crystal King UK: You are a Celebrity Manicurist (congrats that’s ace) so you definitely know what you are doing when it comes to nails! Who have been some of your most memorable celebrity clients and why?

Stephanie Staunton: Carrie Fisher was incredible. She leaves me with such nice thoughts of when I worked with her. Sweet, funny and interesting like no one I've met before. To be honest I've been so fortunate as 97% of them have been so amazing. Helena Bonham Carter was a star struck moment and the most humbled person I have ever met. I feel lucky, I live my dream job. 

Crystal King UK: That’s incredible, I always feel inspired when I hear that people are living their dream and doing their dream job, despite any obstacles and challenges they face now or may have faced in the past. I am sure this will inspire our readers too.
Now, many people across the globe do also suffer from mental health issues at various levels and stages and when we do hear their stories we often hear of feelings of isolation and of people feeling misunderstood and alone with their mental health condition. As someone who has been on this journey you know that it really can happen to anyone at any point. Is there any advice that you can give from your personal journey to others who may also be going through the same process?

Stephanie Staunton: It's hard as Mental Health is unpredictable. Life can throw such curve balls. 
Write down how you feel. Get it out, good or bad, just out!! 
Allow yourself to grieve, wallow, cry, hurt. It's part of the healing process, even if it (is) often. Don't bottle it up. 
Don't feel ashamed, ever. If someone doesn't understand do you really want them in your life? 
Lastly, be open, talk. It's scary but you help others by doing so and in return will hopefully help you find a way. 

Crystal King UK: Words are powerful, and just those few words above from you could lead to helping a reader to do just that, so thank you for letting us in and touching upon your own journey with Mental Health. Now, tell us a little more about what will be happening at this exciting ‘Nailing Mental Health’ event this Sunday and how people can get involved!

Stephanie Staunton: Basically, we are attempting a world record for MIND and some other mental health charities. You'll come for £5 each (simply bring the cash on the day) and get your Nails either painted or manly manicured. All proceeds will go to charities. 200 - 350 manicurists (will be) painting over 8 hours at The InterContinental O2 from 10.00am - 6.30pm. 

Follow Nailing /mental Health on Instagram:

Crystal King UK: Excellent, we will be there. What is your 'daily mantra' or a 'motto' that you like to live by?

Stephanie Staunton: I used to have motto's and mantras but life turned upside down and so did the way I feel about a lot of things. I guess “show someone's brain some love” has been said a LOT since August.  Also, “if you don't ask you don't get”. This applies to everything. I'd say I'm not very good at mantras. I'm winging it really and hoping for the best haha!

Crystal King UK: Well aren’t we all Stephanie! That's two great motto's there! I look forward to seeing you on Sunday! 😊

The Nailing Mental Health event takes place this Sunday 2nd April 2017 from 10am – 6:30pmat the InterContinental Hotel, O2, London SE10 0TW

Attendees can treat themselves to ‘a shape and polish with a difference’ for just £5 per person and join in the Guinness World Record attempt of painting 6078 people’s nails in 8 hours.
Up to 350 manicurists will be at the event, treating your nails to a shape and paint in green glitter to represent the colour of the mental health ribbon. Manly manicures are also available. 
The event plan is to raise £30k to be distributed as follows:
£20k to Mind
£5k to Samaritans
£5k to NMH – this is what we need to achieve our charity status in year 1.
In due course Stephanie Staunton wants to register Nailing Mental Health as an official charity and she added: “Once Nailing Mental Health achieves its registered charity status, we will be helping people first hand; paying for private counselling or interim therapy while they wait the 12-18 weeks currently required on the NHS. This delay can and does have devastating consequences”
Want to get involved, tweet about it or donate? 
More info can be found at: www.nailingmentalhealth.org.uk

Article by Crystal King UK – Director of Celebrity CreationsManagement and Founder of www.SheInspiredHer.com – Tweet me @CrystalTheKing / Instagram: @CrystalTheKing

350 Manicurists on a Mission to NAIL Mental Health this Sunday at the 'Nailing Mental Health' event, London 350 Manicurists on a Mission to NAIL Mental Health this Sunday at the 'Nailing Mental Health' event, London Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 15:53 Rating: 5

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