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Communication mistakes that most of you make by Akhilla Kakivai

Akhilla Kakivai is a 6-figure Success Coach for ambitious women. She helps her clients to smoothly transition from their corporate jobs to creating 6-figure empires, without the burnout and overwhelm! Check out this article where Akhilla will guide you to avoid some of the worst communication mistake out there! 

Common Mistakes that most of you make 

by Akhilla Kakivai

The one thing that we cannot exist without doing every day is communicating. There are different forms of communication, it could be verbal, in-person meeting, an email, Skype calls-you name it. A simple error can make you look unprofessional and sloppy. This is why it is important to be on our A-game whenever we communicate with someone. You never know who could be your next investor or your business investor.
When you are an aspiring mum-preneur, make sure that you do not commit these grave mistakes:

Send across unedited work:
Even contributors to the biggest magazines in the world have their work corrected by an editor. Why? Because it is necessary and it is difficult to be a good critique of one’s work. If you cannot afford an editor, run it through your friend or a colleague. Things like wrong spelling, inappropriate usage of a word or using the wrong tone doesn’t make you look professional. Do not send a document as soon as you finish working on it. Before you get it ratified from someone else, keep it lying for some time before you take a look it again from a different perspective.

Not being assertive:
Do you have trouble telling someone that you really want something done or have issues asking someone for a favour? Just because you are assertive doesn’t mean you will always get your way just because you ask. But asking means that there is a chance that someone will acknowledge your needs. Assertiveness is also about saying ‘No’ when you don’t want to do something. Do realise that there is a huge difference between being aggressive and assertive. When you are assertive, you are thoughtful about your needs as well as others.

Avoiding difficult conversations:
There is not a single soul on earth that doesn’t have to face conflicts in relationships at home or at the office. You cannot make an issue go away without gathering the guts to talk to the other side. It is uncomfortable for sure, but it is an important part of being a parent or a mum-preneur when you need your kid to behave or an employee to put in proper work. Give clear feedback without letting the other person lose face. You can’t be nice to everyone, in business settings and sometimes at home too, you need to put your foot down and make sure that there are certain ground rules that are to be followed.

Conducting meetings that are a waste of time:
Meetings should not be something that sucks the energy out of everyone. It should be either to decide on an important thing or get the opinion of everyone involved. If you can think of tasks that can be emailed instead of assembling everyone for a meeting, that is a lot of time saved. Every time you have a meeting, ask if it is the best way you are using everyone’s time. Have in-person meetings only when you are discussing the most pressing items on the checklist.
Being a bad listener:
I will rank this as the number 1 enemy to be a bad communicator. No matter which position you are in, listen to the people sitting in front of you or when discussing over a call.  Not just pretend to listen to them, do not do any other activity that might lessen your concentration. If you are guilty of the following, then you are a poor listener: interrupting people as they speak, finish sentence for someone else, talking to someone else nearby, interpreting something in your own way and telling them instead of asking them, giving inappropriate advice, not giving them non-verbal signals- to name a few.
Being known as someone who is bad at communication is not good for your business prospects, if you can start by focusing on these steps, I am sure you will become much better at communication than you already are. Tell me if you know about other communication mistakes that people usually make.
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