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Improve Your Home, Mood and more with Access Lighting today!

When you hear the word 'lighting' you probably will think of photographers and movie stars while picturing light being used to create the best shot and capture people in their best light? However, did you know that the lighting you choose for your home and office can direct;y impact crucial areas of your life such as your mood, productivity and concentration? Lighting has also been shown to have an impact on your sleep cycles, eye health and decision making! So evidently, lighting goes way beyond Hollywood - but how much do we really know about it? This really begs the question “What is your current lighting doing for your family home environment”?

Today at She Inspired Her we take a look at the beautiful benefits of lighting for your home and office via Access Lighting. We touch upon how lighting can affect your day-to-day environment and overall lifestyle and why Access Lighting products should be at the top of your fixtures and fitting list this year!

Maybe you have never considered the benefits of lighting? Let’s face it you are probably still using that dusky grey standard light shade in your bedroom that you quickly bought when you first moved in - simply because something was better than nothing! Most of us could do with a lighting boost for our homes, and who better to take us through our options and help us all to reap the benefits of great lighting than Access Lighting who are one of the most sought-after lighting brands in the home lighting market!

With stunning collections of both contemporary and modern designs available across their ranges you will be in awe of what Access Lighting have available to inject that added sparkle into your homes and offices. From pendants to modern chandeliers, from outdoor lighting to wall sconces – you really will be spoiled for choice when shopping online with Access Lighting.

Check out our absolute favourites from the Access Lighting collections:

Access Lighting Wall Sconces:

All of the incredible designs from Access Lighting come hand-in-hand with highly advanced technology and with prices starting from as little at $40 they have a price tag that will light up a smile and not break the bank! 

Access Lighting Modern Chandeliers

Tip from Access Lighting: “Chandeliers have always been known for their beauty and the fact that no matter where they are they are a stunning attraction. Modern chandeliers are no different, but they bring in a different factor of being more uniquely styled. Putting a modern chandelier in a room is a great way of providing a designer element, and in this way they’re great for almost any space”.

Access Pendant Lighting: 

Tip from Access Lighting: “Picking a pendant light is most often about the space you have to work with. Access lighting pendant light fixtures come in variety of sizes and shapes that can fit any room. Compact single bulb pendants are ideal for a small room or nook or in a grouping above the kitchen island. Larger pendant lights up to 14 inches wide, are a grand statement piece above a dining table, bathtub, or desk” 

So have you seen the light?
With lighting starting from just $40.00 what are you waiting for?

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Improve Your Home, Mood and more with Access Lighting today! Improve Your Home, Mood and more with Access Lighting today! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 16:57 Rating: 5

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