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7 Reasons Why Online Shopping is the Future and Retail is not!

If you work in retail or read the papers and blogs you will know that there is a RETAIL CRISIS taking place at the moment with literally hundreds of retailers having to shut up shop due to empty stores and increasingly low sales records. 

We've seen consistent news reports about major stores having to close down after years of successful trade or being on the brink of closure, if things do not rapidly improve! 

So why is this happening? Here is a list of reasons:

1) Online shopping has become much more appealing over the last few years with the major season sales including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Sales online giving the masses a feel for shopping online.  

2) Everyone seems to be working more and getting paid less and the price of everyday products are going up by the day! 
There is so much sense meshed into the idea of shopping from home (or browsing at work - seen as we all live at work these days) for great bargains and deals.

3) Who really wants to travel to a shop when they can browse from their bed and get it delivered to their door as soon as the next day! (We didn't say it was healthy or good to be LAZY... just convenient)!
4) Retail stores have opening and closing hours! 
You can shop online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the worry of annoying the staff when you pop into a retail store 5 minutes before closing time and want to browse for 30 minutes!

5) Browsing for deals - when shopping online we can look around for different deals, bookmark everything we find, throw things into baskets and pop the kettle on at the same time - bliss!

6) For some, the ability to totally avoid public transport and other human beings in general is just an unbelievable convenience that they wouldn't pass up in a hurry! It is sad but true, society is becoming more and more anti-social and TFL have their problems too! We can't deal!
7) The bliss of avoiding road traffic, congestion charges and expensive car parking fees. Most  shopping malls charge crazy amounts for just an hour of parking and let's being honest we're going to need more than an hour just queuing in Primark! That average £10-15 fee for all day parking could get us a couple of additional items online.

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