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Home Improvements: Ideal Time For Roof Replacement

Like many other things in life, a roof replacement can only be carried out at the right time. If you are planning to replace the roof, you cannot simply do it at your convenience. You need to know when it is the best time to do this. A lot depends on the roofing material you use and there could be temperature or weather-related restrictions which could have an impact on your timing. First of all, you need to begin with negotiating a price and then choosing a high-quality installation.

Worst time for a roof replacement

A lot of home experts have recommended that an ideal time for a roof replacement is the fall. However, the professionals might charge a higher rate during the fall and it is best to get the roof installed in the slow season for contractors.

Slow vs Busy season for roofers

You can get numerous benefits in the slow season which might not be possible at any other time. This includes a better negotiation of the price and less stress and frustration. You will also get a better installation quality and might not have to wait for three to six weeks for the project to get started. However, this will not apply to all the roofing companies, hence, carry out some market research first. Large and well-established companies might not be interested in giving any discounts to get a new client. There are many other companies that offer discounts in the case of slow-downs and you will have to put in some effort to get the quotes from them.

Get a better price on the roof

Frank Hessburg from Proformance Orlando Roofers says that the best time to replace your roof is in fall or winter when there’s less humidity in the air. You might have to pay slightly higher for a better-quality roof but it will be highly durable and will last longer. While the contractors are busy, they can pick good roofs and meet the demands. In a slow season, the competition will be higher and the roofers will look at different ways to bring down the roof installation cost, so as to get as many jobs as possible. When you schedule the installation in a high season, you could end up paying a higher amount for the same roof.

Why is fall a good season for roof installation?

There are times when you have to think beyond the cost and consider roof replacement at the earliest of convenience. Fall is an ideal season because the weather is not too hot and it is pleasant. The contractors are ready to take up a few more jobs before they slow down for winter and the snowy season has just ended. This is why re-roofing will give your home protection before you have any serious issues.

     If your roof did not leak in the last year, it does not mean that it will last another season. Spring storms could bring in heavy rain and hail which can knock the last bit of protection from the shingles. Even the sun can damage an ageing roof and it might not be able to make it through one more winter.

     Your roof can only handle a certain amount of snow. If the winter storms dump more than the roof can handle, then it will suffer damage. A heavy ice build-up can overload roof flashing if the shingles are already weak. You can stop the invisible damage from getting worse before the roof has to face any challenges in the upcoming winters. If the icicles form on the roof line, there will be snow built up and it will work underneath the shingles. It is best to call an expert before the cold winter months set in.

     For roofing the ideal temperature is above 45 degrees and this is only possible in fall. Asphalt shingles will require time to adhere to the roof for good thermal sealing and when you install a new roof in fall, you ensure that there are a few months before it gets very cold. If the shingles are applied at an appropriate temperature, they will form a tight barrier against the snow and rain in winter. Do not wait until it is too cold, otherwise the shingles will become brittle and will break.

When re-roofing it is important to consider the quality of installation you choose, its cost and the experience of the professional who is doing it for you.

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