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4 Ways to Improve Your Smile

A person’s smile is said to be best ornament one can wear. When someone smiles at you, their teeth are the first thing you look at. To know your dental health, you need to know some of the common dental problems that you probably have and didn’t even know about. Here are four common dental problems that can affect your smile:

Foul Breath: Of course you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of friends and family because you breath smells really bad. Yes, this is a health issue. Most people don’t know that bad breath is actually a disease. This could be because of the food that you eat. Bacteria build up in your mouth is the most common reason for a foul smell. In case you have a breath problem, you can try using mouthwash after you brush or even after you eat. This will slow down the bacteria and you can have fresh breath for longer.

Tooth Cavities: Tooth cavities are very common. Imagine someone smiling at you in a bar, and they have a big black hole between their teeth. You wouldn’t be likely to want to engage in a conversation with the person. Cavities are caused due to acidic secretion by bacteria that attacks the food stuck in between teeth. The acid corrodes the enamel of your teeth and this results in a cavity. If you have a cavity you should visit your dentist immediately. You can explore https://columbiariverdentistry.com/  for the best dentists and dental treatments. Cleaning up the cavity and filling it with epoxy or ceramic is a common treatment. You can try out more options with the filling materials. Getting your cavity treated is very important. If ignored, you have to get your tooth removed and also it may result in swelling of the gums below.

Swollen Gums: Another common problem is gingivitis. If you are experiencing pain in your gums, swelling of gums or occasional bleeding of gums, then you probably have it. Ignoring gingivitis can be very painful and may lead to more chronic problems. This problem occurs when plaque begins to enter between teeth and gums. If ignored, it may even lead to premature falling of teeth. You probably wouldn’t want to smile with a tooth missing in between.

Crooked Teeth: In some countries, like Korea, crooked teeth are considered attractive, but in most of the parts of the world they are frowned upon. Teeth can be crooked when they are developing. It can be easily treated. Your dentist will probably suggest using braces. Most people are put off by the visual implications of wearing braces. You can choose clear aligners which are easily removable. You can wear them all day long and they can be removed.

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