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Editors Notes: 13 Takeaway Business Tips for success from #BeYourOwnBoss

As Editor-in-Chief at She Inspired Her, I was recently invited to attend #BeYourOwnBoss in Camden. This event featured various speakers engaging with an audience consisting of a mixture of start-ups, entrepreneurs and established business, to impart their knowledge and experience  and shed new light on how to successfully be you own boss!
Here is a selection of takeaway tips that I managed to pick up from the speakers who included Andrea Pattahugh and Mike Stevenson.

"There is nothing out there that cannot be challenged, disrupted or re-invented. The possibilities are endless".

"The thing about Mount Everest is you cant get from bottom to top in one step - there are different stages". Its the same in business! 

"Get your insurance in place so if something goes wrong you are covered"

"One Team, One Vision - align your team and make sure that you have a clear vision that everyone understands and follows"

"Planning is so important! What is your strategy? How are you going to get to your vision?"

"Outline Your Purpose - What is your story? Is it compelling? Can people engage with it? 

"Make it real. People want to EXPERIENCE your business, brand or idea and that is what branding does. It helps people FEEL what you are trying to do. So show, don't tell! "

"The old idea of 'having a job for life' is GONE, its dead and buried.  There is no end in possibility to setting up a business. To do it better, to do it faster, endless possibilities"!

"The biggest challenge is getting people to work beside you. Don't do it the old way; bringing in people who you are superior to. Instead bring in people who are better than you"! 

"Set a time frame and go for it! Don't delay"

"You've Got 8 Seconds when you first speak to someone to capture them about your business! You need to create an elevator pitch"

"Branding should always be: Simple, Easy and Recognisable"

"When creating a logo you should be aware that colours have a very deep subconscious meaning. Research this and pick your colour wisely. Colours trigger different emotional responses"

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Editors Notes: 13 Takeaway Business Tips for success from #BeYourOwnBoss Editors Notes: 13 Takeaway Business Tips for success from #BeYourOwnBoss Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 06:00 Rating: 5

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