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Design Your Masterpieces with the Paintastic App today!

It's time to get creative! 

Today at She Inspired Her we introduce you to the new, simple and trendy way to create, express and promote art via Paintastic!

Do you need an easy way to create images, pictures, paintings and unique designs for your business or personal projects?

Maybe you wish to create or inject some extra life and a personal touch into an existing logo, flyer or greeting card?

Paintastic is a great android app created for art enthusiasts of all ages who have a creative flair and are looking for the right platform to use to create colourful pictures and drawings for either business, pleasure or creative progression!

Whether you have a new idea in your head that you wish to curate from scratch or you already have an existing image that needs a quick revamp – look no further than Paintastic to achieve all the above with ease!

The Paintastic app is absolutely free to download and provides you with great tools to take you down the road of designing and producing creative designs, colourful drawings and glorious paintings, all via your smart phones and tablets!

An app designed for all ages and levels, Paintastic is easy to use, navigate and pick-up, so you needn’t be worried if you are not the next Van Gough! 

Work at your own pace and pick up new tips and tricks along the way as you go through the app and discover it’s many features! You can use various paint brush tools and styles, utilise various shapes, gradients and textures and bring your ideas to life without restricting your creativity.

Other available features include the option to add text in various fonts, colours and sizes, alongside a unique curve text feature, an incredible multi-colour background feature allowing you to add creative backdrops to your designs and you can even try out a set of cool textures, effects and filters; giving your designs unlimited potential! 

Need some inspiration for when you use the Paintastic app? Then we highly recommend visiting an online art gallery for some nice abstract painting images to inspire your designs today!

As if this were not enough, once you have proudly completed your designs on the Paintastic App you have the option to share, gift and distribute your designs to friends, family, colleagues and loved ones alike! Simply use the Paintastic sharing tools which include direct links to sharing on platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and email sharing! It couldn't be easier to get our designs out!

We just think the whole thing is absolutely Paintastic! 
So… what are you waiting for? Step into the future of art and drawing by downloading the Paintastic app today and let’s get creative!

Download Paintastic FREE via Playstore today CLICK HERE

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