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Early Bird Tickets Released for Peace, Wellness & Profits Masterclass

Grab your Early bird tickets now for:
 Peace, Wellness & Profits at Olympia Beauty 
 Do you struggle with your work/life balance?
Feel like you neglect your personal well-being and need a change?
Suffer from work-related stress, fatigue or anxiety?

Maybe you are seeking solutions to help balance yourself and your team for a more effective work day and improved business success?

If you feel like you, a friend, family and/or colleagues would benefit from a deeper insight into easy and effective methods to better manage the above for a more balanced lifestyle; then this is the perfect half day masterclass for you all to attend this Autumn!

Join Global Beauty Educator, Business Strategist and Princes Trust Mentor Eryca Freemantle and Special Guest Speakers and Coaches in the Olympia Beauty Education Club on Monday 30th September 2019 for 'Peace Wellness and Profits' a half day corporate well-being focused masterclass hosted by Crystal Emmanuel of Beauty in The World. Created to get you right back on track!

Earlybird tickets have JUST been released for this event and She Inspired Her Readers can benefit from £10 OFF tickets to this masterclass for a limited time only using the promo code:
SheInspiredHer333 - BOOK NOW

This masterclass will include talks, discussion, take-away tips and exercises for busy professionals covering areas such as:

• Protecting your mental, physical and emotional health while raking it in!

• How the wellness of your team is directly linked to the wellness of your business
• Ways to relieve and over-come work-related anxiety and depression
• Take-away tips for catering to your day to day wellness 
• Simple takeaway exercises you can do at your desk to relieve stress and re-balance your day
• Signs to look out for and understanding when someone in your team needs support
• Natural Wellness Remedies, Supplements, Ailments, beverages and more!

Early Booking Advised. 
Limited £10 OFF all tickets including VIP Tickets with Promocode: SheInspiredHer333 - BOOK NOW
Places are limited
For Team and Group Bookings contact:

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