Dharma Maste is a family owned brand supplying high quality, naturally sourced ointments with an astrological twist! This humble brand is truly a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking natural ointments for personal use or as unique gifts for family and friends and it is a pleasure to be placing them within our spotlight today!

Dharma Maste UK offer a unique collection of herbal body ointments made from naturally sourced Wild Herbs, hand-picked with love and care by Founder Natali David and her children, in the vast woods and meadows of Eastern Slovakia.

It is ensured that each time these special herbs are picked for all Dharma Maste products and ointments, they are collected only within the suitable periods each year for the harvesting of herbs and are always sourced at a location far away from any towns or villages, for the ultimate in fresh, quality produce.

Alongside these carefully considered harvesting measures, there is a very special astrological aspect that factors in on the quality of the final product. On speaking about the sourcing of the herbs for all Dharma Maste products, Natali David remarks:

All ointments contain only pure natural plant components and the essential oils used for Dharma Maste UK products are of the Czech brand BEWIT.

Before the creation of Dharma Maste (Dharma Ointments) Natali David reminisces that she would go to the forest to collect the wild herbs herself to make various teas and ointments and for her own consumption and/or as special gifts to give to her loved ones. After the birth of her second daughter (Amara Dharma in 2016) she noted that her passion to reveal the wonders of these herbs to the world became stronger and it is from here that the Dharma Maste brand was born!

One of the true beauties of Dharma Maste is that they provide a service where each ointment can be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual customer, alongside having a beautiful selection of hand-made ointment available for purchase.

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