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Meet the sister duo behind 'The Array Lounge Boutique' Online

Today at She Inspired Her we place the spotlight on The Array Lounge Boutique; a newly trending online fashion boutique business based in the UK, founded by a talented female duo who both possess a great passion for everything fashion!

 The Array Lounge Boutique was started by sisters Leanne and Aaliyah back in September 2018 with the intention to create the perfect fashion shopping experience for online shoppers. Proudly providing everything you could possibly desire for the perfect outfit from top to toe, this online boutique offers a seductive range of outfits all inspired by the sisters' love of fashion and design.

Take a peek at their Fashion Look-Book!

We all know the frustration of scrolling through our Instagram feeds; filled with items of clothing and accessories that we just want to grab out of the screen NOW and wear ourselves! Alas, technology has not yet evolved to allow for this! So we end up having to go to the stores to try and replicate what we see, often returning home disappointed when we just can't seem to find what we are looking for - or when we do, it's not in our size!

How Frustrating! I mean let's face it, in current society, we are all trying to be stylish but elegant whilst also being trendy but classy!  So we need a place that we can go to shop and browse, that caters too all of our needs and ticks all of our boxes! We have the solution! Look no further than The Array Lounge Boutique, who pride themselves in catering to all body types, shapes and sizes and all tones of women! Hurrah!

"Stay modern, stylish, keep your values and respect high and dominate the world"! - The Array Lounge Boutique

Driven and motivated by the values of trust, reliability, quality, and collaboration, the Founder's grounded their company on the idea of a celebration of diversity in British fashion. The key values upon which The Array Lounge Boutique was founded, are incorporated into the designs of each fashion garment and each individual piece sold by the brand. The combination of culture, respect and style come together in modern, trend setting pieces for the urban female who want to make an impression though fashion!

A dose of femininity and a splash of sex appeal are cleverly incorporated in the garments, keeping the balance between the appropriate and modern. Each piece has its own story, personally relating to those who are wearing it, with the main objective to be occasion appropriate and to be a display of ones mood while wearing the piece. 

As women’s fashion continues to evolve beautifully, you can rest assured that The Array Lounge Boutique are actively keeping up with current trends, alongside setting them and providing the most up to date and sought after fashions within today's market!

From sexy provocative and ultra-feminine lingerie to classic and elegant suits and fancy outerwear and footwear, The Array Lounge Boutique is your new online shopping destination.  You need not look elsewhere again!

Check out The Array Lounge Boutique today here:

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Meet the sister duo behind 'The Array Lounge Boutique' Online Meet the sister duo behind 'The Array Lounge Boutique' Online Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 17:00 Rating: 5

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  1. Nice and great post. I like the middle one chocolate dress.


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