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‘Don’t Shoot, I’m An Artist’ by StefanRomeo at Vintner & Mason

If you appreciate art, collect art and admire fine wine, then the Don't shoot, I'm an Artist exhibition by StefanRomeo is one exhibition not to be missed this summer.

Vintner & Mason is a quality wine establishment located in the heart of Waltham Abbey. Well-known for hosting a series of successful wine tasting events, this quaint venue is currently showcasing the truly unique and original creations of contemporary Artist StefanRomeo, entitled "Don't Shoot I'm An Artist" 

StefanRomeo is well known for his innovative themes of expression, his style being appreciated as a creative cross between abstract and pop art.

Romeo began his artistic journey when he embraced his talents as a youngster by way of graffiti in the New York and New Jersey's King Gardens projects  (endearingly named after the late Martin Luther King), which he called home. “Living at Kings, you had to be good at something,” Romeo explained... and that, he was. A passion and love for the arts was ignited within his soul - a flame that would lead to his unorthodox expressions of art...and more.  

Romeo is also an animated creative writer and a talented musician.
Life hasn’t been easy for Romeo, but he has elevated far above his trying situations and has triumphed as an artist and as an individual.

"When one is an Artist, his or her life is filled with hardships,” Romeo has declared in social media posts and on his website.  “Even when in despair, I’m still happy.”

Romeo keeps a busy schedule. He recently graced the stage with a live performance at the Wynwood Art District line-up on 18th May alongside an ensemble of unsigned musicians, singers, and writers who performed original renditions.  Romeo signed and gave away CDs to the first twenty-five in attendance.

Romeo describes his art as being “abstractions that consist of different balances of materials, inks, paints and colours.”  He has been quoted as summing up his work and personal life as such - “I have also arrived at the creation of what I call 'live work' which involves a degree of sizes and textures that can open a room from any angle or distance. I have a unique style for collectors and galleries alike.” While Romeo's motto sums up his artistic expressions as being “Originality at its Point”.

In addition, the artist-writer-musician will occasionally release a song as a collectable work of art without the adulteration's of record companies or recording labels.  The album covers and singles are released under the exclusive StefanRomeo branding. 

Orders can be placed at the official StefanRomeo website by simply selecting the sizes and preferred styles from those showcased.  Special custom orders can take anywhere from one to two and a half months for completion; but fans don’t mind at all!

Romeo’s original artwork can be found on his website at http://www.stefanromeo.com where a brief description of the exclusive pieces can be found defining the status of being worthy of being hailed as a collectable.

The "Don't Shoot, I'm An artist" exhibition is currently running at Vintner & Mason until 31st July 2019

‘Don’t Shoot, I’m An Artist’ by StefanRomeo at Vintner & Mason ‘Don’t Shoot, I’m An Artist’ by StefanRomeo at Vintner & Mason Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 01:58 Rating: 5

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