Spotlight Article: Meet Judith Peluccini the Mindset Coach Transforming Minds

Meet Judith Peluccini the Mindset Coach transforming minds through transcending conventional thinking.

Judith Peluccini is a Speaker, Writer and the Founder of Fingerprints Coaching, dedicated to helping people shift their mindset to live life consciously and by design. She helps people lean into their fear, break negative limiting beliefs and build self-confidence to purse their goals. A certified life coach with over 15 years in the corporate world and successful coach in one of London’s largest & successful online coaching Academy, London Real Academy.

FingerprintsCoaching is the transformational place best known for helping people achieve results quickly through challenging the conventional way of thinking. They do this through helping individuals silence the mental chatter, re-frame their old story; thus reshaping their mindset to create the ability to design a new life, welcoming those dreams and aspiration and living a fulfilling life.

Join Judith Peluccini at Olympia Beauty Show Education Club on Sunday 29th September 2019 for the Peace, Wellness and Profits Half Day Masterclass where she will be holding a session called: "Your life only begins when you choose and take action"

You will learn the following within her masterclass segment: 
Understanding your victim mindset

How to get out of the victim mindset
How to take your life to the next level 
Choosing the mindset you want for the life you deserve

You will also get one day special deals on Judith Peluccini's:

Online Coaching Series
5-week 1:1 Coaching Sessions
& More!

Get your tickets now to the Peace, Wellness and Profits 4-hour Masterclass featuring Speakers including Viola Edward, Judith Peluccini, Eryca Freemantle, Crystal Emmanuel and Karen Dawn Hutchinson!

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