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How to Supply Goods and Services to UK Government and the NHS

Wondering how to offer services to the Government?

If you have been looking at the recent coronavirus updates in the UK you will have heard that many organisations were offering goods to the Government in recent months and getting no response. This was reported to have been due to there being no real central clearance system in place at the time to deal with these offers.

The UK Government have now set up a portal for this need. This means that if you are a business or organisation who can supply various goods and services to the Government or the NHS (these can be both medical and non-medical - see below for both options), you can now simply apply online to deliver these services.

Your company or organisation may currently be in the perfect position to supply The UK Government and/or The NHS with the goods and service that they desperately need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Below are all the ways to quickly apply to get your organisation into the position of being a supplier:

How to supply medical related goods to the Government / NHS

If you supply medical related goods in large quantities, particularly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you can now proceed to the portal today to find out if you can be a supplier. This could be anything from how to sell medical equipment to hospitals to how to supply PPE to Government. You will find a list of goods on the landing page and can simply complete a registration form to be considered as a supplier.

How to supply non-medical goods and services to the Government during the Covid-19 pandemic

The government is also seeking suppliers of specialist services and or large quantities of goods including but not limited to the following list:

Expertise or support in IT
Expertise or support in Manufacturing
Expertise or support in Construction
Expertise or support in project management
Expertise or support in procurement
Expertise or support in engineering
Warehouse space medical use and storage
Office space for medical use in storage
Manufacturing equipment
Transport and logistics for moving goods Transport and logistics from moving people
Hotel rooms
Protective equipment for healthcare workers such as masks gowns and sanitiser
Medical equipment design
Medical testing equipment
Social Care and Childcare

If you have goods and services from the list above or similar, that you believe would be of interest to the Government you can apply today. Click here to apply to provide this support

What do I need to have available when I apply?

You will be taken to the portal where you will be asked simple questions about the support that you are able to give. If you have a company number then you should have it available if requested. Once your online form has been submitted you will be contacted if your support is needed.

What is required if I am supplying goods?

If you are are intending to supply goods you will be asked to supply technical specifications. It is also highly likely that you may be asked to supply samples of your goods for quality and evaluation purposes, so be ready to do this if needed.

What if I have smaller supplies of goods?

If you do not have large quantities or bulk supplies of goods you may still be eligible to supply your limited services. In this case it is suggested that you contact your Local Council and supply them with information about what you have available.

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