From Quarantine to Confident Beach Life with High-Waisted Swimwear

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The summer is sticking with us as we are slowly released back into the new normal, the likes of which remain to be seen. Hang in there, we are all in this together.

While in our homes we day-dreamed about missed trips to the seaside, summer holidays, cocktails on the beach and just generally experiencing sun kissed bliss from anywhere other than our doorsteps, balconies and gardens! 

Well the time has finally come and here at She Inspired Her we would like to officially declare it swimwear shopping time! Yey!

Oh but wait...! For many of us self-isolation had us heading to the kitchen and rummaging through the fridge for a snack on the hour, every hour just to pass the time happily! It felt like an activity right? Don't you dare judge us! 

Well never fear! Now that you have stepped out of quarantine in one piece, maybe with a few extra pounds in the pouch, we are here to ensure that all our readers can step straight into a confident beach life this year with a beautiful selection of high-waisted bikinis and swimwear, plus an automatic discount coupon added as soon as you click. Now who said we never treat our readers?

The new summer collection of swimwear and high-waisted bikinis by New Chic are great for all sizes and figures - as should be the case with all brands! 
so we've snagged you a deal to gain an automatically applied discount of up to 70% off depending on your chosen design.

without further delay get yourself over to NewChic and grab a few pieces to get you though the best summer ever - just remember in all your fabulousness, to follow social distancing laws and stay safe out there. A happy summer to all.

Article by Crystal Emmanuel
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From Quarantine to Confident Beach Life with High-Waisted Swimwear From Quarantine to Confident Beach Life with High-Waisted Swimwear Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 14:24 Rating: 5

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