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Author Spotlight: Mabelle Prior - Multiple Award Winning Swiss & Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist

Mabelle Prior is a multi-faceted entrepreneur. The Award Winning Swiss / Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist is the Founder of the 'Swiss Most Beautiful Pageant' alongside being the author of several gripping, published titles including 'Beyond Race', 'Deadly Friendship', 'Voyage to the Dark Continent' and 'The Secret Code' and many more! 

Being a well-known personality, Mabelle is no stranger to the spotlight or to letting her opinions be known. It is common to see her booked for high profile events as a hostess, compere or special guest and she is seen to embrace her career with an abundance of confidence.

One such booking which many, including herself had looked forward to, was a Reggae Festival back in 2000 at the HO Sports Stadium in Ghana, West Africa, where Mabelle was booked to be the host! The anticipation for this huge reggae festival featuring some of the worlds popular Reggae artists was off the scale and it was truly set to be a monumental moment in the Ghanaian live music calendar that year! 

Press and Media ready, thousands of fans and a prepped and ready Mabelle Prior onstage, ready to make history, things took a turn for the worst when a very excited and hopeful crowd  became a progressively agitated and aggressive crowd as time passed and it was allegedly reported that the artists had not shown up to perform.

Giving her personal account on the incident via her Facebook, where in her own words Mabelle Prior described her feeling that the crowd wanted to literally kill her as a result of the unfortunate alleged cancellation, Prior posted:

"That was the day I was nearly killed by angry crowd of over 10000 people In the year 2000 at the HO sports stadium because my image was used to promote the Reggae Festival. I was booked as the hostess.

The crowd was expecting Lucky Dube and Rita Marley and they never turned up. The angry crowd was throwing things at me on stage, broken bottles, anything....

They just wanted to kill me....
It wasn’t even my fault...
I was not the organizer....
Till date the organizers are still owing me money 💰 !

It was my uncle Captain George Nfojoh who sent soldiers and bodyguards to save my life and took me away from the angry crowd !

Those crooked organizers have become some of your stars in Ghana today that you’re worshipping.

Most of them are afraid of my present position and the legal action I could take against them , so they pretend not to know me ... lol

Chill now twinkle twinkle little stars
I’ve got no time for yaaaa.

This is all history" 

Clearly not afraid to voice her opinions and let the world know her perspective Mabelle Prior is a voice to be reckoned with! She continues to stand in the strength of her character and to pursue her career goals, knocking them down one by one with a focus and determination that keeps her at the top of her game! 

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Author Spotlight: Mabelle Prior - Multiple Award Winning Swiss & Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist Author Spotlight: Mabelle Prior - Multiple Award Winning  Swiss & Ghanaian Broadcast Journalist Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 16:26 Rating: 5

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