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Let's Talk Face Masks with Denim Strong

The question that is most frequently being asked globally, with so many new rules and regulations being passed across the World, has to be; "Is it compulsory to wear a face mask where I live?"

In many parts of the world mask wearing is now mandatory and the number of locations that are introducing stricter rules on mask wearing is increasing daily. So, as we continue to see face masks becoming an integral part of day to day life; let's talk face masks! 

If you live in an area where mask wearing is compulsory or even if you do not and you just want to take all the necessary precautions to protect your health and that of your loved ones; this article is for you! 

Remembering to bring your mask along with you when you are out shopping, taking an Uber, commuting on public transport and/or going to your place of work, may become just as essential as remembering to take your door keys out with you when leaving home in the morning! 

Forgetting to bring your mask out with you may even mean that you will be refused access to many of the above locations and activities, if not all of them, or even worse you could be issued with a hefty fine in some countries, if you forget to wear a mask in public places. 

It has been said that wearing a face mask could significantly curb the chances of spreading the Covid-19 virus. The virus is air borne and as a result it can spread through breathing in the particles of the virus or through inadvertently touching your mouth or nose with you hands, without necessarily knowing that you have been in physical contact with the virus. 

Which mask is right for you? 

It has been suggested that surgical masks are best reserved for those who need them the most, for example Hospital Staff and Care Workers. These medical masks are essential to protect them against risks in their workplace, both for them and vulnerable patients. If you are not in this line of work it has been suggested that it is still effective to use non-medical face masks, disposable face coverings and reusable cloth coverings. 

Many retailers have joined the face mask marketplace with reusable fabric masks and there are some great organisations like Denim Strong where purchasing masks actually leads to donations to great causes, at no extra cost to you. With such a diverse range of mask designs available to choose from, they really do have something for everyone, ensuring that you can help others while helping yourself! Win win! 

How does Denim Strong help? 

Denim Strong donates face masks to hospitals, organizations that help people in need, and to individuals all over the world. Their goal is to donate at least 5,000 Denim Strong mask and each mask you purchase gets them closer to their goal of supplying 'masks to the masses'.

You can purchase a range of amazing masks for your family, friends, co-workers, and yourself and make a huge difference along the way! Check in frequently to get their mask donation count on their website: www.DenimStrong.org

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So how do you put your mask on correctly? 

Great question! 
Here are the key steps you should take: 

1. Wash your hands before you put your mask on 

2. Ensure that your mask fits snugly (no gaps between the material and your face) 

3. Make sure your mask covers both your mouth and nose and also go up to the top of your nose, hooking behind your ears or the back of your head depending upon the style

4. Do not take off your mask to talk, a virus doesn't magically disappear for conversational purposes! Try to remain as logical as possible 

5. Wash your hands before you take your mask off 

A very important rule here is NO GAPS! If you are a wearer of spectacles it has also been recommended that you simply rest your glasses on top of your mask, to help seal any gaps and avoid warm air escaping and steaming up your lenses! 

Although it is necessary for your masks and face coverings to completely cover your nose and mouth area, you should be able to breathe comfortably. So if you suffer from breathing difficulties or you have a medical issue you should consult your doctor for advice about what to do to stay protected and safe in your condition. 

How long can you keep using your mask? 

All masks differ in terms of purpose, style and materials. Some are machine washable and reusable and others are disposable. According to the World Health Organization, disposable face coverings should be thrown away after each use or as soon as they are damp. However, disposing of masks daily can be a problem for the environment so reusable masks are recommend by environmentalists to avoid the build-up of waste. 

How many masks do you need per week? 

There is now a popular term that you should treat your masks like socks! A new pair everyday! However, with re-usable masks that are machine washable, you do not need to have a mask for each day of the week! If they are re-usable and washable we suggest having three or four masks available and washing them throughout the week, this should suffice! 

Masks that are made from a fabric such as cotton, can be washed in your regular laundry using hot water. It is advised to wash them on the warmest appropriate water setting, but that depends on the type of material it is made from. Or you can hand wash them in hot, soapy water - scrubbing them for at least 20 seconds. 

After washing, tumble dry them on a high setting and store in a clean place. If you are air drying, keep them flat and try to dry them in direct sunlight. Try non-scented detergent if you are sensitive to perfumes. 

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So there you have it! 
A whole mask regime and a promo code to boot! 
All that is left to do now is to share the love with a friend by sharing this article! 
Happy mask shopping and stay safe! 

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Article written by Crystal Emmanuel of She Inspired Her

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