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How to Make The Most of a Narrow Living Room

Is your living room narrow? The guide below has been created to help you learn how to make the layout work for you. The tips below will surely help you to make the most out of your space.

It is common to find narrow living rooms in townhouses, Victorian terraced houses, and even new-build/modern flats. It can be a little tricky to choose a layout when the room is narrow. It can be a little challenging to create a stylish and inviting place, and you can easily end up with something that looks like a glorified hallway.

You don’t need to worry if you have a narrow living room because the design tips below will help you decorate it. Your living room will turn out amazing if you follow these tips.

1. Ensuring enough space for people to walk through – you should have at least 3 feet (90cm) as space to use for walking since you don’t want the room to feel cramped. You can try out different locations for your furniture until you create an s-shaped path. This will help prevent the room from looking like a walkway.

2. Creating separate zones – you can avoid a narrow and awkward space by creating a visual separation. You can have rugs and arts in the different areas of the room. You can use the separate space as the dining area, living area, study area, or even play area for your children.

3. Using shelving units to create physical space separating the room – having a low shelving unit in the room can help a lot. They act as the half-wall.

4. Using oval and circular shapes for counteracting straight lines – choose shapes like oval or round for side tables, coffee tables, lighting, and rugs because they will help in counteracting the straight lines.

5. Drawing the eye upwards – using tall pieces like bookcases and armoires can be good because they trick people’s eyes. Choose art arrangements reaching the ceiling. You can also hang drapes that run from the ceiling to the floor. When you do this, you will be creating an illusion of height.

6. Creating a focus at the end of your living room – when you place armchairs or a large piece of art at the end of the room, then you will be shortening the aspect of the space because you will fill that space. Get the perfect furniture from Apt2B. Adding a floor lamp is also a good idea since it is going to even out the sources of light, and the room is going to feel brighter.

7. Laying flooring across the room – you can make the room appear wider by laying wooden floorboards across. You can achieve a similar result by having rugs with horizontal stripes.

8. Shelving – a stand-alone shelf unit or built-in shelves in one of the walls will make the room look shorter.

9. Mirrors – having mirrors on your walls close to light is going to cause reflection, and the room is going to be brighter.

The heart of every home is the living room. This is where people spend the most time. This is the area of the house where people come together to entertain themselves and to relax. This guide is going to help you make the most out of your narrow living room.

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