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Four Home Hacks You Shouldn’t be Living Without in 2020 (all under £7.50 each)

Millennials and Gen Z are best described currently as trend-hungry shoppers, who love to shop online and find innovative brands and pieces for their home. Another group of shoppers who crave the convenience of e-commerce; purchasing goods online, getting a rapid delivery and fast solutions to their day to day hustles around the kids are parents!

When looking at the homeware habits of both these demographics, three words seem to dominate the current space; style, innovation and convenience. As the norm changes, trends shift and online shopping is on a rapid rise, many are taking to e-commerce sites like Etsy, a website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies, to grab themselves some unique homeware, trendy furniture and innovative gadgets that are not sold by the common retailer.

Independent, small business retailers like MoonMommyAtHome are taking advantage of this by providing useful home improvement items that can fit right into your home life from the moment they are unpacked and provide useful solutions to clearing clutter in all areas including the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

Convenience is everything and a clutter free home makes for a clutter free mind!

So here are our four top picks of items that look good, have easy assembly and provide a clutter free space in the home, for only £7.50 each - result!

Handmade Fitted Slippers and Shoe Rack Hanger

Always misplacing a shoe or losing a slipper to the underbelly of your bed! Maybe you have stacks of shoe boxes or a bulky, unsightly shoe rack? Time to replace them with these modern and totally convenient fitted slipper and shoe holders. Aesthetically pleasing with a strong adhesive, they are easy to pop up and go, no nails, no fuss, zero struggle! 

Is your kitchen counter covered in appliances? Not enough cupboard and draw space to store it all in? Everything becoming a bit of a mess? These pod lid and kitchen appliance holders are a  fast solution to a common problem and they can go up onto your kitchen or pantry wall as simple as 1,2,3! What a gorgeous way to de-clutter your kitchen space!

Not sure where to put the hair dryer when you are done? Hair dryers can be bulky and inconvenient when it comes to storage and although hotels tend to have the perfect hair dryer holder, part and parcel in their room design, most homes do not! This high quality hair dryer storage box and bathroom rack is the perfect solution as is designed to hold a range of different hair dryer styles and is a great way to de-clutter the bathroom.

If it’s time to replace your shower head holder whether due to it being old and mouldy or just outdated, this pack of two cute family shower head holders will make shower time even more fun in the modern household with kids!

Grab them while you can and why not check out their other products while you are at it.Don’t say we don’t treat our readers to the juiciest bargains on the internet!

Article Written by Crystal Emmanuel of She Inspired Her

Four Home Hacks You Shouldn’t be Living Without in 2020 (all under £7.50 each) Four Home Hacks You Shouldn’t be Living Without in 2020 (all under £7.50 each) Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 23:25 Rating: 5

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