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OJAS & WOO: Sustainable Self-Care Aromatherapy for De-Stressing and Home Decor - Featuring Plantable Papers

Looking for sustainable brands to invest in and purchase for your home or office? Today at She Inspired Her we are so excited to spread the word about the launch of a new female owned, self-care brand called OJAS & WOO!

Launching in April 2021, OJAS & WOO are an eco-conscious self-care and home decor brand offering a wide range of products for the mind, body and soul; whilst being mindful of the needs of our greater home, the Earth. 

Their unique candles incorporate plant-able biodegradable paper, which can be planted after the use of each candle, to create new life. The brand's overall mission is to provide love and care to their customers whilst catering to the needs of the planet.

Ideally, your home should be your ‘safe space’. A place to relax, unwind, reflect and get away from life’s stresses. Nowadays, even with the most hectic of schedules and lifestyles, there are so many ways that one can introduce relaxing methods and incorporate relaxation products into their home environment. So if you are currently asking, how do I relax my mind and how can I be more environmentally friendly, this is the brand for you!

A beautifully scented home, aided by aromatherapy products, is a great place to start and OJAS & WOO are dedicated to delivering non-toxic products to your home. Many people are unaware that a great deal of candles sold in the market today, actually release harmful toxins. So equipped with this knowledge and a concern for the consumer, OJAS & WOO created a divine collection of sustainable candles with non-toxic scents and essential oils. These candles will truly ease your senses, alongside bringing a positive aura and a sensational fragrance to any room.

Drift away with the scents and sounds of O&J candles with their signature wooden wicks. These provide a beautiful fireplace-like ambience, brimming and crackling as they burn tenderly within your home. It is well known that wooden wicks are more environmentally friendly than cotton wicks and it is no surprise that this environmentally conscious brand went ahead to check that box on their standards list too! They really are an incredible brand.

As if it could get any better, alongside all these perks, O&J seed papers, which come with their candles, can be planted once the candles are finished, producing the most beautiful herbs and wildflowers. Every purchase also leads to a tree being planted! No other candle that we know of can bring this much to the table with just one purchase!

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Want more from the brand? OJAS & WOO also carry a collection of therapeutic grade essential oil rollers, including lavender and eucalyptus, which can significantly reduce stress and promote a relaxing environment for you, whether at home or in the office.They also sell refreshing aromatherapy sprays for use with showers.

Stay tuned for the launch of OJAS & WOO this April 2021

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Article written by: Crystal Emmanuel

OJAS & WOO: Sustainable Self-Care Aromatherapy for De-Stressing and Home Decor - Featuring Plantable Papers OJAS & WOO: Sustainable Self-Care Aromatherapy for De-Stressing and Home Decor - Featuring Plantable Papers Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 19:19 Rating: 5

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