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TwerkFit® is an exciting global dance and fitness company, based in London and Founded by Teacher, Choreographer and Artist Director, Ann-Marie Fields

TwerkFit classes combine cardiovascular exercise, which raises general fitness levels, with working the lower body, legs, and core to improve muscle tone. Focusing on legs, bums, and tums this fun dance workout will help you to tone those vital areas whilst having a great deal of fun along the way! 

Here are 10 Reasons why you should join Twerkfit in 2021!

  1. Join a community

After a long period of isolation due to the pandemic, what better way to spice things up and bring more action into your every-day life than taking the step to join a great set of online dance fitness classes! Currently, Twerkfit classes are being held virtually, so you can join confidently within the safety and comfort of your own home. You will inevitably meet many new friendly faces and become part of the online Twerkfit community, filled with like-minded, positive people of all ages, races and genders, having a wail of a time through the use of good vibes, dance and fitness!

  1. Boost your confidence 

Dancing is a great form of breaking down existing barriers which have prevented you from letting loose in the past. Oftentimes, when in the best moments of dance, once can tend to forget ones surroundings and get lost within the movement and the music. Dancing both with and in front of people can act as the perfect confidence booster, which you can take with you and adapt into your daily life. However, if you are a little shy there is no obligation to turn on your camera! Twerkfit online classes take place via zoom and you are welcome to leave your camera off until you feel confident enough to do otherwise.

  1. Grow and learn something new 

Whether you have never danced before, or are experimenting with a transition from ballet to twerking - each new skill you learn will allow you to grow as a person, as well as a dancer! Taking the first step may be frightening at first, but in a safe and friendly community you have nothing to worry about, and you are bound to have a blast. 


  1.  Feel the Adrenalin rush that comes with accomplishment!

There is nothing like completing a dance routine that you never quite thought you could master! A mixture of the nerves, the push from your amazing Twerkfit tutor and simply just being in the moment and getting it right, can all come together to provide a sensational feeling like no other! Feel the rush and know that you are fabulous!

  1. See your hard work pay off first-hand

After the hours and work that you will put into your new hobby of "Twerking for your life", you will feel so rewarded when you look into the mirror, do your routine from start too end and realise that you've nailed it!

  1. Develop your team working skills 

Dancing in a group allows for everyone to offer their support and encouragement to one another and Twerkfit is no exception. Their skilled tutors are used to working with dancer at all levels and have clever ways of adapting to suit and work with everyone on the room. With the trust and support from your new community of dance buddies, you will fall in love with teamwork and can bring this out of the dance classes, into your day-to-day life. 

  1. Get inspired by those around you 

The energy, the ideas, and the eclectic mix of different people from different backgrounds in the room will act as a source of inspiration and spark your own creativity to new levels. Energy is contagious, and this is certainly distributed across the room in a Twerkfit class, bringing out the best in everyone. 


  1.  Forming a collective knowledge 

The wonderful fact about Twerkfit dance classes online is that everyone is at a different level, so far as their skills and experience in both dance and fitness. Some may be joining for their first ever online class, whilst others may be in their 10th year and still wishing to better themselves, and learn from new people. Whatever your level, the online classes make it simple for you to get involved and work at a great pace, with others in the virtual room being at the same level as you!

  1. Gain a large set of life-long skills 

Dancing is physical, yet the skills you gain and take along can often be mentally beneficial as well. This includes discipline, time management, technical moves and of course boosting your confidence and creativity. 

  1.  Your First Class in March is FREE and you can invite friends too!

Twerkfit are offering 100 She Inspired Her readers the chance to book in for a FREE Twerkfit online class.

When joining a Twerkfit class one should expect an encouraging and vibrant atmosphere where you will be accompanied by extremely passionate instructors and a diverse group of enthusiastic learners.

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So why should you join the Twerkfit community for these amazing online sessions?

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