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Lhamo: Quite possibly the best Sanitary Towels of the 21st Century - fresh, cool and natural!

Why do we use the sanitary towels that we currently use?

As women, we have to accept pretty early on that periods are just a natural part of our lives. Each month mother nature comes knocking and we learn to just… hey... go with the flow!

However, up until now we have also had to just 'go with the flow' on the types of sanitary towels and panty liners that we use, despite many brands being uncomfortable, offering poor sanitation and there being a real need for a better solution! 

For centuries, women have had to just settle with whatever was available on the shelf. We have had no real variety to choose from and have just had to take what we were given from the few existing, leading brands on the supermarket shelves.

Well change hath come! Finally, a new, innovative and natural brand called Lhamo has entered the marketplace to offer a fresh and game changing alternative for women everywhere with their natural sanitary products range and options that include day and night sets for all levels of flow

Lhamo offer all-natural, herbal-infused pads which combine ancient herbal wisdom with modern knowledge and innovation to create a pad that will change your monthly cycle into a more comfortable and refreshing experience.

For many women, the harsh chemicals used in mass-produced feminine products make pads unbearably uncomfortable, unhygienic and frankly, quite unhealthy!

Lhamo provide natural sanitary pads, delivering a better way forward through a more natural source of protection for women.

What makes Lhamo the pad to switch to today?

Lhamo herbal pads are made using plant extracts which have been carefully selected for their soothing properties, to ensure that, as well as providing leak-free protection, they can help restore balance while eliminating other problems such as itching and odours, for cool and breathable comfort.

Unlike conventional brands that people are so used to just using by default, Lhamo pads are not made of synthetic fibres! Instead their pads are made from 100% natural cotton. When you purchase 100% natural cotton sanitary towels and panty liners from Lhamo, you can rest assured that they do not feature synthetic materials or any harsh chemicals like dyes, pesticides, chlorine or bleach. This is of course safer and much kinder to your skin and sensitive area.

Alongside this, the high quality cotton fabrics used in Lhamo, feature a dash of mint which replaces the usual stiffness and discomfort with a new cool and breathable freshness that you will love! As if this wasn't already enough to have you run and get these natural sanitary towels right away online, they are also infused with all-natural extracts of rose, lavender, aloe and houttuynia! So many of nature’s gems, ready to make your period a more refreshing experience from here on.

Enjoy the advantage of maximum absorbency also, because these pads feature optimal leak protection and offer an advanced level of odour control, without the use of harsh chemicals, which other pads use and should be nowhere near our lady parts!

When asked WHY they infuse their sanitary towels with herbal extracts, Lhamo responded:

“In traditional Chinese medicine, herbal extracts have been used in menstrual products for hundreds of years. We have combined the insight from these ancient texts with modern scientific innovations to give women across the globe access to the ultimate comfort they deserve”

So there you have it! No more uncomfortable pads! Goodbye poor protection and bad odour! It is time to say a big “hello” to Lhamo in your life, the best solution to ensuring that you have the best natural feminine hygiene products for your monthly cycle going forward.

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Lhamo: Quite possibly the best Sanitary Towels of the 21st Century - fresh, cool and natural! Lhamo: Quite possibly the best Sanitary Towels of the 21st Century - fresh, cool and natural! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 13:05 Rating: 5

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