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Standing against war through the powerful use of fashion

As the War in Ukraine continues and we all see the devastating results of war, many are rallying together to see what they can do from wherever they are, to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Two big industries where people from across the world are showing their love and support to the people people of Ukraine are the worlds of art and fashion. 

Recent weeks have seen the mass production of clothes and other gadgets, showcasing the flag of Ukraine. This is a great way to let the world know that you stand with the people of Ukraine who are suffering in the awful circumstances brought upon them.

Fashion has always been and will always be used as a visual tool to deliver powerful statements, through individual style, and to show the world what we choose to represent and stand for, by wearing it! A great way to add your message to clothing you already love to wear is embroidered badges.

The blue and yellow colours of the Ukraine flag are seen by many as representative of freedom and democracy. Through this war, the flag of Ukraine is fast becoming as recognisable as the popular British, German or USA flags, serving as a strong reminder of the heroic defence presented by the Ukrainian people whenever we see it.

You can get top quality embroidered patches of the Ukraine and other flags and from Patchion LTD, as well as customise embroidered patches of your own symbols and logos and use them to accessorise and bring new life to your bags, jackets, hoodies and other items.

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