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London Fashion Week: BIG FASHION SWAP SHOP by Luxe Swapz London

Celebrity Creations Management Presents LUXE SWAPZ LONDON!
The BIG, Fun Fashion Swap Shop, BACK in business for 2024! 

Kicking off again during London Fashion Week SS24, Luxe Swapz London brings both the luxury AND the fun side to clothes swapping, with this amazing off-schedule LFW event! 
Join us for this AMAZING Valentines meets London Fashion Week edition on Saturday 17th February 2024

A fun, low cost, sustainable way to update your wardrobe

Luxe Swapz pop-up fashion swap shops have been running since 2018 with great success, bringing clothes swapping to the mainstream and revolutionising ethical shopping and swapping for the masses!

We bring you a fun, low cost, sustainable way to update your wardrobe and recycle your clothing - without the hefty pricetag, alongside lots of fun treats at each event to keep it exciting and social, so that you can make a day of it with friends!

Find every fashion niche at this pop-up swap shop from luxury high-end fashion winter coats and maybe a randomly placed Louis Vuitton shoe to both men and women's clothing and accessories from high street brands and some old skool retro 90's classics from the likes of Evisu, Ed Hardy and Moschino and more! All this and you may barely depart with £10 or less to have access to them all! 

You really cant go wrong when you get your ticket to attend this event.

One persons trash is another persons treasure - LET'S GO!


Grab your "swap tickets"  via Eventbrite, invite a friend to join you and get theirs too and bring along some nice, trendy, unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories from your existing wardrobe at home to exchange them for something fresh, fashionable and new-to-you! How many items you bring depends on the ticket you choose, you can swap anything from 3 items to unlimited!

If you don't have anything at home to swap that's fine too, you can just cop a browse and buy ticket to enter this pop-up boutique and shop around like you would in a regular fashion store (with cash or card) and purchase what you like at SUPER DISCOUNTED PRICES without swapping. Prices start from just 50p for accessories

Many items are BRAND NEW WITH TAGS alongside second chance items from our past Luxe Swapz shoppers at previous events! You will love the experience and leave with some great new items to wear this summer and beyond!

Run out of your swaps and want to take home more items from the boutique? Everything in the boutique is available for purchase and we accept both card and cash so don't worry!

If you want to go all out and you dont wat to swap, just buy, why not grab the £20 HAUL BAG and stuff it 15 haul bag items of your choice in our boutique!

See more items in the shop that you want to take home but don't have enough swap tokens? No worries! Items in the shop can also be purchased on the day above and beyond your swap ticket values. Just check the tags in the boutique!

See all ticket options here

Unisex adult clothing is available across the Luxe Swapz London boutique popup store, already filled with rail upon rail and shelf upon shelf of quality clothing and accessories of all values, ready for swapping! 

How does the Luxe Swapz Boutique Pop-Up Swap Shop Work?

Its all very simple really!

1. Go to Luxe Swapz London's page on Eventbrite and choose your preferred swap shop ticket level (ranging from donation to only £20.00)

2. If you purchased a swap ticket, decide which items from home you wish to bring along to swap in our boutique. We only accept clothing that has no marks, holes, rips or tears - we want everyone to leave with something fresh and gorgeous!

  Note: The higher quality clothing you bring, the higher the amount of swap tokens you will receive to spend in our Luxe Swapz pop-up boutique store! For example a  Zara suit may get you 14 tokens to spend in the boutique and a Primark suit may get you 6 tokens to spend in the boutique. Both are great, bring what you have!

3. You will be given tokens equivalent to your swappable clothing value, at the Luxe Swapz London team's discretion, based on the brand, quality and nature of the garment and you will be able to proceed into the swap shop, browse and grab yourself some new garms! 

This event is brought to you by Celebrity Creations Management
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