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Take Away Tips from the Female Panelists at this years Power of Women Awards #PowerfulWomen #SheInspiredHer

This article highlights some great take away tips and real life experiences that we picked up via the Power of Women Awards Discussion Panel hosted by Magic FM daytime show host and Magic Soul Presenter Angie Greaves. See Review Article

Joining Angie on the panel were three experts in their fields! Branding and business networking expert and the Founder of 'WeAreTheCity' Vanessa Vallely, the Mastermind and Producer behind popular Bravo reality TV series 'Married to Medicine' Mariah Huq and the epic Shoe Designer and entrepreneurial niece of world renowned Jimmy Choo, fabulously independent Lucy Choi!

First of all let's check out a selection of the Best Quotes of the evening from these successful women in business:

So lets see what these incredible business women said about their personal journeys within each of their chosen industries:

Vanessa Vallely: "People buy into your brand and they buy into you"! When speaking about her start in the industry Vanessa said that "in the beginning you had to fit into a mould and be a certain way and dress a certain way. My hair is super curly and thick and I used to be a brand of hair pulled back and pin stripe suits" - Vanessa went on to say that the authenticity that she brought to her own brand was to simply be herself, mentioning that it took a while for her to realise that her 'true person' was the only person that needed to show up each day! When describing the difference between the corporate industry and being a business owner Valley said "When you are in corporate, doors open automatically. When you’re a business owner you have to knock on doors and prove yourself." 

Mariah Huq explained that she went in with her idea for the series "Married to Medicine" and she pitched what she wanted and wanted to stick with that concept no matter what. "Ownership means everything"! Mariah exclaimed! Mrs Huq went on to proudly announce that her show was one of the first by a minority group at Bravo where one person Owned, Co-Produced and Starred in the reality show. "I believed in it. It’s not just a TV show now it’s a franchise, a multi-million dollar franchise"! Mariah really put a lot of emphasis on sticking to your vision and what you want saying "I received so many no’s! Bravo said no! Then the minute I was about to walk away, to the week, the show was picked up! We believed in it!" She closed this part of her story saying "No one could sell it like me, this was my baby! 'Married to Medicine' was my brand so only I could sell it" 

What they had to say about social media, children and husbands!

Mariah Huq: Social media is an easy way to bridge the gap between you and your audience. It’s free. It’s a huge tool. Use it! It’s a way for you to be able to relate to your audience.

Lucy Choi: "I don’t have a TV in my home. When I am with my children that’s my time with my children".

Angie Greaves: Angie Greaves spoke about the guilt that she used to experience being away from her children while doing her radio show explaining: "That guilt thing. The drive time on Magic (FM) took all my time. I gave them phones for them to say “Mum I’m home, I did my homework etc… But the function of the phone widens. I want my children to talk to me and not google.... You have to monitor what they are doing, they will hate you for 30 seconds, you have to monitor it. I am not your friend I am your mother." 

Lucy Choi: "My uncle (Jimmy Choo) asked me to work for him. I wanted to do my own thing, I took the risk, set up my own shop... I wanted to have my own show room, my own customers... I opened my own shop... To this day he doesn’t understand why... I think he’s proud deep down". Lucy Choi explained that many influences around her used to have the attitude of 'can’t you just go with it. Can’t you just be inside the box'? But she didn’t want to be inside the box. It is clear that Lucy Choi wanted to be her own success and she did just that with Lucy Choi London! Well done to her!

Vanessa Vallely: When speaking about her husband Vanessa Vallely remarked: "My husband's a technologist, he don't buy me flowers he buys me websites!...I can’t do without his technical skills and his support network. I’m lucky I have his support but pre-husband that was my mum!"

Here is what the ladies had to say when asked how they got through any of their lowest moments and ways to cope:

Vanessa Vallely: When asked about her low moments Vanessa Vallely said that she used to sometimes ask herself "How did I get there, how am I in this room? Why me?" She also remarked: "I never forget wondering how did I get into 10 Downing street. You have to check yourself! Its human to be that way. It’s perfectly natural to feel this way".

Mariah Huq: When speaking about her lowest moments mentioned: "...a couple years ago my father died. I was dealing with so many personal things in front of millions of people. You’ll be surprised who will help pick you up. People/fans, they respect and relate. A great support system is so important". 

Lucy Choi:  On this same subject of low moments Lucy Choi answered: "I felt guilty not going to work and not looking after my children. It's important to have a good husband and people around you that understand it. Its tough. I’m trying to figure it out still but you juggle and you struggle".

The Power of Women Awards by Dress For Success took place on 8th March 2017 at the CBI building in Cannon Street, London.

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Article by Crystal King UK of Celebrity Creations Management

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