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Peace Within Creates Peace With-Out: One-on-One Meditation classes with Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place

Peace Within Creates Peace With-Out; learn meditation today!

If you want to have greater inner peace, well-being, happiness and balance in your life - meditation is great practice and discipline that can lead you effortlessly to these things.

What is Meditation?
Meditation is an age old practice which is once again becoming increasingly popular in the everyday lives of individuals and groups across the world, from millennials to mamas!

There are a variety of benefits that have been linked with the regular practice of meditation, the ultimate 'goal' when practicing meditation is to lead one to a mind, body and spirit that are at ease and free from stress, by the use of quiet contemplation and reflection.

The three main components of meditations are: thought, contemplation, and reflection. 
There are numerous physical benefits that can be experienced when meditation is incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Relaxation and a decrease in stress are rather obvious benefits, but many people do not realize that meditation can also improve moods and memory and decrease negative feelings and depression. Meditation can be fit into your daily lifestyle and be used to help you to cope with day to day stress, anxiety and even numerous health problems.

Are you taking the time out to protect your mind and mental health? The health and wellness of your body? Your spiritual balance? 

Many people will honestly answer 'no' to these questions - they will say that they just do not have the time! However, the need for relaxation and meditation in our current busy schedules and lifestyles is critical! 

Many people hear the word 'meditation' and link it to thoughts of monks in far away lands sitting on mountains and murmuring "hummmm" in a strange way... although this can be not too far from the reality in some cases, many people in the Western world are now becoming more and more familiar and 'clued up' about the normality and more importantly the positive effects that are born out of the practice of meditation. This is consequently increasing meditations popularity among people of all ages, races and backgrounds. We all need better!

One-on-One Mediation Sessions held by Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place, London

Meditator and Reiki Practitioner Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place will be offering a series of one-on-one meditation sessions with those who wish to learn the practice of meditation and also learn how to integrate it into their daily lives.

The BENEFITS of attending this ANKH Place Meditation experience include:

- Learning how to live a more peaceful and stress-free life through meditation
- Descrease negative feelings and depression and encourage good thoughts and feelings
- Discovering your inner peace in a world that focuses on the exterior
- Re-connect with who you really are inside and be at peace with all around you
- Learn to cope better with day to day stresses and incorporate meditation into your daily life
- Learn the art of meditation and discover how it can help you to live a more balanced life

One-on-One Sessions with Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place will take place on: Saturday 15th July & Sunday 16th July 2017!
Bookings are open now for a series of sessions taking place at: The LIT Room, 339 Barking Road, East Ham E6 1LA 
To book your One-on-One session click here
Bring a friend for just £5 extra!

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Peace Within Creates Peace With-Out: One-on-One Meditation classes with Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place Peace Within Creates Peace With-Out: One-on-One Meditation classes with Mavis Wenham of ANKH Place Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 14:35 Rating: 5

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