As the summer peaks and we start to think about which Wowchers, Vouchers, Groupons and coupons to take advantage of for our summer fun and pamper days out; many salons, spas and beauty businesses are similarly contemplating what they can add to their pamper deals to lure us in and how to beat their competitors deals! 

The competition is fierce indeed and extra luxury add on's such as an ice cold glass of Prosecco have been very popular for such deals . However, salons beware, because adding a complimentary glass of bubbly to make your deal that little bit sweeter could lead you to the bitter waters of a fine of up to £20,000 or even a few months in prison! 

Yes, salons are said to have been warned recently via Staffordshire Police that if they are in the business of offering complimentary alcohol to their customers without an adequate licence in place to do so; it could cost them up to £20,000 in fines! 

This warning came in after the Staffordshire Police licencing team discovered a string of beauty and hair salons in the county were offering a free glass of wine or complimentary champagne as part of their treatment and beauty packages, without a licence in place at their premises for this service. It is said that alongside the hefty fines related to this offence salon owners could even face, at worst, up to 6 months in prison if caught in violation of this policy.

Inspector Paul Prenter, Head of Staffordshire Police's licensing department said when addressing salons in the county: 
"Providing alcohol to customers without a licence is a breach of section 136 of the Licensing Act and is a criminal offence. Please ensure your business is not giving alcohol to customers. Alternatively if you do wish to continue the practice, please contact your local council."