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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Home Near The Beach

Are you dreaming about buying a beachfront house? 
Surely a beachfront home is a dream come true for most! The amazing feelings and sounds that come with the waves lapping right at your doorstep. The vision of golden sand while breathing in all that fresh air, with the white surf right on your front porch - seriously, how exciting! 
However, finding a perfect property near the beach is easier said than done because there are several things that you need to consider. Beachfront properties face some potential challenges from the elements, and these need extra attention. 
Here are some killer mistakes that you should avoid while buying a home near the beach.  
Not sticking to a budget
In all the excitement of landing a property with a beach view, you may end up buying a house that is beyond your budget. A beach home is much more than its actual cost because there are heavy maintenance and repair expenses that you may need to incur regularly. The property has to bear the brunt of strong winds and high tides, which makes it susceptible to damage. The best approach is to be calculative and stay within your budget constraints.
Not checking out the neighbourhood
Beach properties can be alluring to the extent that you may ignore checking out the neighbourhood before investing in them. You should absolutely avoid this mistake and research the area well enough before locking the deal. Know more about the community, amenities and culture in the area by spending time there. Check online as well. You can find plenty of options near the beach in Perth to build your new home from this detailed list from Vision One Homes.
Not getting the home insured
Another common blunder that people make with beach homes is to overlook its insurance. You may have bought a home of your choice but considering it as a vacation property and not getting a proper insurance coverage for it is the wrong approach. In fact, a beach house needs additional coverage because of the likelihood of damage due to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.
Counting on rentals to cover the cost
Do not think that you can cover the mortgage cost of a beach house by renting it out as a vacation home. The reason being that the costs may go way beyond the mortgage payments because you may have to incur unforeseen expenses such as damage caused by floods and hurricanes. When you do take the decision to buy such a property, be very sure that you will be able to pay the mortgage as well as other expenses without depending on rental income.
Not checking with an expert
A coastal home inspector is someone who can help you in choosing the right property. From judging the location to direction of wind flows and evaluating the construction material used, an expert can guide you about putting your money in the right place. Not showing the property to an expert before buying is another mistake that you should avoid.
Make sure that you avoid these blunders while buying a home on the beach and you can have a perfect haven to enjoy sunny days by the seaside. Just don't forget to invite us!

Article Edited for Publishing by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel

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