When the summer is approaching, we all start to have wonderful visions of road trips to the seaside, summer holidays, cocktails on the beach and just generally experiencing sun kissed bliss! Can I get a yaaaasss please? Thank you.

 However, after we envision our wind swept hair in slow motion as we bounce along the beach like Beyonce running into the arms of some gorgeous God-like creature who is waiting longingly for us by the sea with abs like a .... ok you get the idea... we suddenly realise that the two-piece swimsuit that this Beyonce is wearing in the dream is well... maybe... just not going to work after all!

Well never fear! Make way for that vision to come absolutely true, well for the most part anyway, because you can rest assured that you will be able to step into your very own confident beach life this year with this INCREDIBLE new collection of High Waited Beach Swimwear from New Chic, a less revealing way to wear a two-piece... but just as fabulous! (Yay! We're saved)!
Take a look at some of the stunning designs available
Theses were our favourites when browsing through:

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So without further delay get yourself over to New Chic and grab a few pieces to get you though the best summer EVER!

Article by Crystal 'King' Emmanuel
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