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Are you putting on events without insurance? Big mistake!

Are you running an events company? No? Maybe you are in a completely different industry but your company puts on its own events? Do you know that not having the right insurance for any public events you hold can land you in some serious trouble if anything goes wrong? If you plan to hold any events this year, it is  important that you know the right way to stay covered with the right insurance for the type of events that you are putting on.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can just throw together an event idea, book a venue, invites guests and sell tickets and not have any insurances in place, just because it's a "one-off" event they are doing or because they don't think they need any insurances due to the fact that nobody asked for it.

If this is you then you could be in for a shock if you get caught without having the right insurance policy in place for your event, plus should something go wrong at one of your events and someone is injured or something gets damaged, you could be facing charges, a hefty fine, a law suit or worse!

There are so many different types of events that you can hold and therefore there are many different types of insurances available, you may need annual/multiple events public liability insurance if you run many events across the year or may just need one-off events insurance if you do not do many events.t Many people are actually putting off purchasing insurance due to the worry of it being too expensive or simply not having a clue where to start!

Well we have great news for you! Getting the right insurance needn't be daunting nor expensive!

Insurance providers in the UK for example, Simply Business can help you get the right insurance online within just 15 minutes.
They ask you a series of simple questions about your events or business to allow them to work out the best insurance for you and honestly, their prices are simply phenomenal!

Simply Business really do care about the financial circumstances of their customers too, making them perfect for new start-up businesses who do not have enough money coming in yet to pay a lump sum for their annual insurance but still need the cover. 

In this situation, just to make the process easier and smoother financially, Simply Business allow their customers to pay off their annual insurance in set small monthly instalments on many of their available plans.

Explore Simply Business today to find out what cover you need for your business and you will receive a £25 gift card to spend online as a treat from us when you book your first insurance policy.

It's quick and easy to find out if you need insurance simply click here 

Are you putting on events without insurance? Big mistake! Are you putting on events without insurance? Big mistake! Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 08:30 Rating: 5

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