New Opportunity for Young Persons aged 16-30 NOT in Education, Training or Employment

Do You Know a Young Person who is 16-30 and NOT in Education, Training or Employment?
Check out these FREE opportunities and get in touch!

Get Into IT with Google (18-30)
Our e-learning IT Support programme, in partnership with Google, will offer you the chance to qualify and start a career in IT Support.
Taster Day: 29th May
Main contact:   
Get Started with Product Design (16-25)
Design, create and manufacture your own unique products using a range of technical methods and state of the art equipment.
Taster Day: 28th May
Main contact:
Get Started with Media (16-25)
Working with industry professionals from NBC Universal to explore aspects of film, photography, social media and marketing.
Taster Day: 30th May

Main contact:
Get Started with Football West Ham (16-25)
Free one-week Football programme with West Ham United Foundation where young people can get a FA Level 1 Coaching and Safeguarding qualification.

Taster Day: 21st May
Main contact:

Get Into Health & Social Care with Bupa (16-30)
Training and work experience in the hospitality side of the care sector across various care settings.

Taster Day: 30th May
Main contact:

Eligibility: Not in Education Employment or Training or working 16 hours or less/ in education 14 hours of less (Young people on zero hour contracts are eligible).
Young people do not have to be claiming benefits to join a course.
How to refer a Young Person:

Call the customer service team on 0800 842 842. Let them know the programme you are applying for including the dates

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