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7 Tips For Starting A New Job

Are you starting a new job and want to make the best first impression? This article will guide you through how to do so.

Be On-Time

This is something that should be common sense, but it is also the key to success at your new job.  When you come to work on time, your boss will see that you are the responsible and enthusiastic person they want.  Coming in late will leave a bad impression and this could affect the rest of the time you work at the company.

Dress To Impress

Since you have been hired, you need to look the part.  It is better to overdress at the start of your new job, but you should consider the company culture when dressing.  You do not want to be the newbie dressed in a pressed suit on your first day at a hip start-up.  It is best to ask your supervisor about the dress code to ensure you do not feel awkward from the start. If you have read this piece on how to write a killer executive bio then you’ll know first impressions are everything.

Listen To Everything

During your first week on the job, you will be bombarded with new facts and you have to take the time to listen to everything.  The information you get could be where the bathrooms are or where the files you need are stored.  If you have any questions about what you learn, you should ask them.

Ask All Your Questions

If you are confused about something, you need to take the time to ask about it.  Your first week at your new job is a grace period where everyone will be open to any question you have.  It is best to ask at this point than to still be unsure three months into your job when it is too late to admit that you do not understand a core part of the job.  Asking questions also shows that you are enthusiastic and interested in your job which leaves a good impression.

Know What Is Expected

Do you know what is expected of you in your new role?  If you are unsure, you should talk to your boss and go over this during your first week.  This is the best time for this and you can get rid of any confusion you have over the job description or your tasks.  When you know what is expected, you will work better and your boss will be impressed with your attitude.

Get To Know The Surroundings

Part of settling into your new job is getting to know your surroundings.  You should learn where the best place for lunch is and where everyone if getting their morning coffee.  When you know these small logistical things, your days will be much easier to handle.

Leave Your Personal Life At Home

You may be dying to tell everyone you know about your new job or you have a text that is nagging you, but you need to resist temptation.  Keep your phone in your bag until your break.  This is important if you want to make a good impression.  You should also refrain from using your phone during work hours for personal emails, social media updates or contacting your friends.

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