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Spotlight: Interview with Tayshan Languedo-Butt, Founder of Earth Elixir Haircare

As part of International Women's Week we got up-close and personal with London based business woman Tayshan Languedo-Butt, Founder of natural haircare range Earth Elixir Haircare. 

Earth Elixir Haircare is an ayervedic haircare range created using natural, organic and ayurvedic ingredients. The range is eco-friendly, natural, handmade and growing in popularity!

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Interview with Tayshan Languedo-Butt of Earth Elixir Haircare by Crystal Emmanuel, Founder of The Pamper Sessions

Q: First of all Tayshan, congratulations on how far you have managed to bring this brand thus far - you have an exceptional range that could clearly compete with the bigger brands on the shelves and we see a great future for Earlth Elixir Haircare. 
So tell us, what was the original inspiration behind you starting Earth Elixir haircare? What led you to the decision to launch the range?

A: The main inspiration came from a need of something completely natural for my hair as I was struggling with psoriasis in my scalp as well as really damaged hair. As well as finding out I was having my first daughter and wanting products I could trust to use on my baby. 

Q: Why did you choose the name "Earth Elixir" for your brand? 

A: The name was a struggle but n the end it was actually my husband who chose it. I wanted it to say Earth because all are ingredients are plant based and elixir means “a magical substance with powers to cure, improve and preserve” which is what our products do for hair. 

Q: Excellent, great team work there and a perfect name for your range and what it delivers. What did you do as a career prior to starting up the Earth Elixir brand? Are you still working in other areas or do you run this business full time? 

A: I have a degree in Forensic Science but before the business I actually worked in behaviour management within primary schools. I’m actually on maternity leave at the moment but not sure if I will return to work or run the business full time. 

Q: Wow! Impressive indeed, which leads us to talk about your work/life balance. We saw you with your husband and beautiful baby at The Pamper Sessions - Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show in December where we know you had a sell out performance! You have a son aged 8 and a daughter aged 19 months. 
Tell us a little about how you balance family life with running a business independently, showing up to smash these exhibitions and still managing to be such a yummy mummy! You make it look effortless but we'd love to hear about the realities, do you have any tips or advice for women in similar circumstances reluctant to start their own business or worried that they won't manage - how DO you do it? 

A: I’m going to be honest, sometimes it’s hard - really hard. I have to bring my baby to events with me as I’m still nursing and she refuses a bottle! It’s hard to not let the business control me so I give myself set tasks for the day and usually try to get them out the way in the morning so I have the rest of the day with the kids. If anything else comes up in regards to the business during the day, I’ll usually leave it until they go to bed (or) else it can get very hectic. Managing mine/the kids time and syncing schedules with my husband is really important as well so we all know what we are doing and when. I’m forever writing lists! One thing I would say to any other woman in a similar situation, is go for it! So many people told me I wouldn’t be able to do it with a newborn and two other children (one of which is still a baby herself) but with determination you can! My children are my motivation. Also get older children involved. My son helps me stick labels and pack boxes. He really gets stuck in and enjoys seeing the business grow whilst also feeling like a big part of it. 
Q: That's awesome, it sounds like we may have another young entrepreneur to look out for in the future too, how great to be able to get him involved in the process! So tell us more about your product range, who it is for and what it is designed to do? 

A: Earth Elixir Haircare is a range of completely natural, vegan, Ayurvedic Haircare products. From scalp scrubs, to deeps treatments to oils and stylers. Our products were made specifically with curls, waves, coils and kinks in mind. However, our straight haired ladies and gents can use them too, making them inclusive no matter the type of hair but with Afro hair at the forefront of their innovation. I wanted products that would nourish the scalp and hair but that was made with natural ingredients. If it can’t be eaten then we don’t use it! Our products main aim is to promote growth and retain length. 

Q: Great! So what is your best seller from this range and why do you think this is?

A: Our Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil is a best seller. It’s an all round product and people see quick results. It helps with growth, shedding, itchy scalp, cradle cap, alopecia, thinning hair and psoriasis. It can also be used as a pre-poo and on  all hair types so people love this product.

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Q: Yes! I have tried it myself and was genuinely happy to remove all other branded oils from my shelf once I had it in my possession! As mentioned above you joined us for The Pamper Sessions festive marketplace edition in December and you SOLD OUT all your stock from your Earth Elixir Ayurvedic Hair Oils range on the day! As I went around all the vendors on the day I had a listen in on some of your sales pitches and have to say you are GREAT at direct salesWhat is your number one tip for other brand owners thinking of selling at consumer shows like The Pamper Sessions? 

A: I would say be yourself and share your story. People buy into people! Customers don’t know my products yet so they really buy into me and my story so just be honest and share and they will see that. 

Q: What has been your biggest business challenge so far? How did you ovecrome this challenge? 

A: I think everyday is a challenge balancing 3 children, running a household and a business. Sometimes when it gets too much I have to take a couple of hours out for myself to do something I enjoy- even if it’s just a long bath! Then I realign and tackle the day’s challenges. 

Q: What is coming next for Earth Elixir? Do you have any exciting plans for the brand for 2020? 

A: We have a lot of big events coming up this year as well as some exciting new products. We also have a few ways our customers can really get involved so be on the look out for them! 

The next edition of The Pamper Sessions - Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Show will take place in 2021 in London. Want to become a vendor at the show? Vendors Sign-Up Here

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Spotlight: Interview with Tayshan Languedo-Butt, Founder of Earth Elixir Haircare Spotlight: Interview with Tayshan Languedo-Butt, Founder of Earth Elixir Haircare Reviewed by Crystal Emmanuel on 20:04 Rating: 5

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