It has emerged that many workers are still being forced to go work, business as usual, amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, despite the evidence of several cities having achieved sizable results from the lock-down method of making everyone stay at home.

In the UK many non-essential companies are still putting profits before health, making thousands still go into work despite many of them having what can easily be work from home jobs. 

As expected people are furious in their masses, taking to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to speak out about it and expose the companies still making them go to work when they should clearly be self-isolating to protect themselves and their loved ones from the outbreak and its rapid spread.

On 24th March Piers Morgan Tweeted:: "If your company is remaining open with no good public health reason to do so, and making you go to work against Govt. orders, let me know. Need to expose the bosses putting money before lives".

This tweet was quickly seen by thousands who wanted to have their say. In less than 24 hours the tweet had received 69k Likes, over 12.4k Retweets and a huge influx of responses from some very worried workers across the UK.

She Inspired Her have compiled a selection of the responses from women around the United Kingdom here - the tweets shown below are screenshots of the personal opinions of each tweeter we have featured and their alleged concerns:

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