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A song for the times: Butterfly by ElizaQueen

Self-Love, Freedom, Growth. Elements captured so elegantly within the wording and energy of the song 'Butterfly' written and performed by Singer/Songwriter ElizaQueen.

'Butterfly' is a single released within the surreal year of 2020, a period that has shined the spotlight of reflection and purpose so brightly upon humanity and highlighted the desperate need for healing, unity and very vulnerable self-analysis. No song could be more appropriately synonymous with self-love and positive transformation than 'Butterfly'.

The breathtakingly inspirational music video accompanying the song 'Butterfly' was shot by New York based Trinidadian photographer and videographer Gerard Joseph and showcases ElizaQueen as a metaphorical caterpillar living in darkness, slowly developing and gradually shedding self-doubt, struggles and pain, as she emerges from the  darkness opening up beautifully to reveal a vibrant and powerful butterfly, equipped with newly born hope, purpose and direction.
It is truly a stunning collaborative piece of work, Co-Directed by ElizaQueen herself who came up with the video treatment and concept. 

The music video for 'Butterfly' truly personifies a 'process' that many of us are ourselves currently going through in reality, as we try our best to recover and adapt to the events and movements that have transpired across this strange movie of a year, which for many, has opened up and exposed past buried wounds for re-assesment, reflection and healing.

Listening to the song 'Butterfly' we are able to take in some of ElizaQueen's  own penned experiences and directly relate them to our very own life battles. The song takes you through the artists own journey of self healing with lyrics like "I got caught up in everyone's doubt, they didn't care what my plight was about" and "...had to look deep inside, so that I could regain all my pride" followed by the effortless falsetto vocal in the chorus, declaring with emotive pride "Now I'm Free" 
Watch the music video for "Butterfly" by ElizaQueen here

ElizaQueen is an artist from London currently residing in New York where she is pursuing her career as a singer/songwriter. Her impressive catalogue of live shows, videos and appearances continues to grow and showcase her soulful and inspirational vocals with a tone that can touch souls and bring about the feels and vibes necessary to move forward within these trying times.

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