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Mineralistic Home Ideas with Contemporary Interior Design

Home is a place for us to take a break from everyday hustles, a place to nourish, heal, grow and nonetheless to dream. When it comes to decorative ideas for homes, this fragment of business has witnessed many changes over time. Gemstones and natural elements like wood and clay have always been used for decor, but contemporary interior design is amalgamating modern elements with ancient trends and traditional pieces. In contemporary interior design and home decor, there is no hard and fast rule for design patterns or choice of elements, which provides an immense opportunity for the artists to explore and experiment.

Minerals are a complete game changer in contemporary interior design and Kristallkontor serves as a pioneer within this niche in Germany. The radiant colours and matchless finish make decorative minerals and gemstones the leading component of contemporary interior design offered at the store. The intricate patterns which have formed on the rock over centuries, if displayed in your drawing room or living room, have the ability to magically lighten up your home.

Kristallkontor run by Stephanie Zwerner and her better half Steffen Dettmann, is not just another store for interior design. Stephanie’s craft and zeal are showcased in each piece at her outlet, making the store unique and distinctive. The collection available at the store is a true depiction of a blend of Gustavian simplicity, vintage furniture influenced by Danish and Swedish style, exclusive pieces of mineral art, crystal decorations and gemstone studded items. The creativity, aesthetics and brilliance of gemstones, jewellery and decorative minerals reflected in every piece at the store speaks for itself. The Kristallkontor equation has the collaborative elements of Steffen Dettmann’s expertise as a geological expert and Stephanie Zwerner’s input as a passionate creative.

Crystals And Mineral Art In Home Interior

The use of minerals as an art form underwent many changes over time and inception of modern mining techniques has augmented the probability of mineral art findings. Collection of massive mineral art forms, untouched by humans, are explored every now and then in different regions of the world. Kristallkontor has a wide range of mineral art from all over the world in their collection, to make your place extravagant. The white antique furniture paired with flamboyant mineral art pieces gives your home a magical feeling.

Here are few of the favourites at Kristallkontor:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the top choices for décor by Stephanie as its rose colour gives a feminine feeling to interior spaces. Some of Stephanie’s interior designs have the notion of using Rose Quartz crystal tables and accessories making your space luxurious and larger than life.


Labradorite is another main feature of the creations, as its selection is attributed to its stunning iridescent features which can add life to dull ambiance and catch and reflect light even at night-time. Stephanie Zwerner has conceived many décor themes using Labradorite to add charm to her creative pieces.


The light blue crystal look of Coelestite deliver an air of elegance and class. Alongside this, the aesthetics and beauty of the crystals are believed to have positive effects on human emotions. Home decor and interior design pieces that bear Coelestite as a fundamental element, may be a good way to galvanize harmony in your home space.


Alongside the beautiful appearance of this vibrant stone which is eye catching, with a glamorous outlook, Fluorite accentuates interior designs with the colourful play of light. Kristallkontor have many elegant and high-quality home décor artifacts, where this stone is used to execute Stephanie’s creative genius.

Stephanie Zwerner’s Passion For The Beauty Of Minerals

Stephanie Zwerner has showcased the intrinsic magic and mystery of minerals and gemstones in her interiors by incorporating greens, blues and earthy tones into her schemes. She blends decorative minerals, crystals and fossils to generate a contemporary outlook for your home interior. The store is a place to attract novelty seekers; one can find innovative, unique and diverse products to match top quality aesthetics. The collection designed by her is promising and will stand out within your home décor due to its radiant colour tones, jagged shapes and exquisite patterns.

Steffen Dettmann, Stephanie’s partner is a geologist who travels globally, ensuring that the mineral collection of the store is unparalleled. Moreover, Stephanie with her passion to her work has various mineral themes to match individual needs of customers’ taste. She has created unlimited options to pair ordinary furniture items and accessories like small plant holders and wall mirrors with lavish crystals, to name one. With her exuberance for interior design with minerals and natural elements, she has unconventional ideas to transform the ordinary home décor to extraordinary.

In her view the best part of doing interiors with decorative minerals and crystal decoration is that it subtly brings in the nature inside your home right by your side.

 Impacting Your Life Through Mineral Art

Ruled by her overwhelming ardour, Stephanie has always been working diligently to find ways to make interior decor not just a superficial makeover, but an aspect contributing to improving her clients’ lives. She came up with this idea of addressing not only aesthetics but accentuating equanimity of inhabitants with her interior décor ideas.

Gemstones and minerals with their power of beauty and aesthetic quality have an impact on human behaviour. Stephanie has intelligently used some of the mineral art at their store to design unique pieces for your home to help with making you feel better. Brimming with aesthetic quality, these beautifully designed gems and art pieces can help making every day beautiful. Besides, Rose Quartz and Coelestite, Fluorite and Labradorite, she is also fond of the shining clear rock crystal, to adorn her art pieces. Clear Rock Crystal is created by nature in all shapes, from candle shaped to hexagonal to 6-sided prismatic pieces and is attributed for its universality; a complete match for all kinds of interiors due to its transparent and radiating nature. Stephanie understands the importance of love and strengthening of bonds; a home has to exude love, compassion, comfort and affection. An aesthetically collaborated home decor reflects elegance, synchronicity, and harmony, which in turn have warming effects on surroundings which can help to rekindle love and affection and Stephanie has a way with it.

To sum up, by offering unconventional interior design ideas with minerals and gems, Kristallkontor is all set to elevate the aesthetics in your home with euphoric results.

 Website: https://www.kristallkontor.de

Facebook: https://de-de.facebook.com/kristallkontor/


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