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Regular Womb Cleansing for Optimal Feminine and Reproductive Health

Regular Womb Cleansing for Optimal Feminine and Reproductive Health

 If you have ever surfed the web for anything to do with feminine hygiene or natural womb cleansing, you will most likely have come across the word “Yoni”.

 Yoni is the Sanskrit word for Vagina. Although medicine is used widely in the Western world, many people neglect to remember that the beautiful Earth provides us all with so much that we can use freely, for natural and holistic healing benefits. Holistic healing is mind, body and spirit focused; with the idea that you can heal yourself through the use of nature's healing herbs, just as effectively.

In the right environment the vagina is self-cleaning. The Vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions (discharge). Alongside this, for solutions to more complex problems that can occur within the vagina, Yoni Steam Practitioner and Womb Healing Expert, Nadine McLean of YoniLuv Journey, teaches women and pre-teens that the best way to support their reproductive health is to practice a self-care routine that will enhance their feminine well-being.

Although the vagina is self-cleansing it is not self-healing. Nadine explains; “Womb Trauma is passed down from generation to generation, maternally from grandmother to daughter and from daughter to granddaughter, and this continues if it is not healed. Women can also experience many symptoms within the vagina such as Thrush, BV, STD’s and other discomforts, where more assistance is required beyond the vagina’s natural ability to self-cleanse”. So, the importance of maintaining a self-care plan cannot be overlooked. Nadine McLean goes on to explain that “Regular womb cleansing reduces the risk of developing reproductive diseases such as fibroids, infertility, chronic BV/Thrush, menstrual complaints, hormonal imbalance and cervical cancers”.


By Nadine McLean


With the world becoming more health and well-being conscious and understanding the need for the use of natural alternatives to Western medicine, for longer term wellness, many are seeking out natures alternatives as solutions for their feminine health such as Holistic Healing. With thousands seen to be searching on Google for answers to questions like; how to clear bv without antibiotics, how to get rid of thrush naturally and seeking natural remedies for yeast infections; there is clearly a strong demand for natural solutions.

YoniLuv Journey and YoniLuv Day Spa provide several natural solutions. One of their most popular products are the Yoni Detox Pearls which, carried out after each monthly cycle, are said to provide a thorough uterine cleanse. Many women have shared testimonials of positive results via the YoniLuv Journey Instagram page and although these products are not suitable for all (they are described as not suitable if pregnant, under 18, still a virgin, or if you have an IUD/coil) the benefits are said to be great for those to whom it is suitable.

The Yoni Detox Pearls are small balls containing herbs including rhizoma, angelica, borneol, osthol and motherwort. Inserted into the vagina, these pearls allow the herbs to seep into and activate your cells and are said to draw out impurities such as bacteria, fungus, toxins, old blood cells, old sperm, aborted foetal matter and also to drain and shrink fibroids and cysts. This in turn is said to balance the hormones that may be causing yoni issues.

It is always advisable to book a consultation to discuss what you are currently experiencing within your vaginal health routine to identify specific solutions and/or improvements that you seek. At YoniLuv Journey you always have the option to speak with a Womb Wellness Practitioner. This will allow them to tailor and form a bespoke womb healing package to suit your uterine health needs. 

You can book treatments or group sessions to be carried out within the comfort of your own home, while some other more extensive treatments can be provided outside of the home in the safe and relaxing environment of the YoniLuv Day Spa. 

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