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By joining the Trade Tracker affiliate platform you will have a selection of over 5,000 brands to partner with, allowing you to showcase their promotional ads, wherever and however you like, resulting in making a residual income from your site traffic when your audience pass through your site and click on various ads!

Whether you have your own food blog, conduct interviews with entrepreneurs, do makeup tutorials or give advice about CBD - you can monetize your site today by becoming a Trade Tracker affiliate!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own website.

With Trade Tracker, the commissions fees are already setup and they vary for each brand at very reasonable prices.

How does it work?

You can partner with recognised brands from numerous industries - beauty, fitness, business, wellness, finance, children, tech, fashion - you name it, there is a brand that you can monetise on your site!

You choose the brands, the content, the banners and the ads that you are happy to showcase on your site. Choose from a large selection of categories including beauty, business, travel, fashion, finance and more. Place your chosen ads on your site, wherever you think best and if your readers and customers decide during their visit, to click through and purchase on the site that your ad leads them to, you will make a commission in the process, on every sale!

Money can be made from subscriptions, clicks and sales, depending upon your chosen brands’ offerings. Commissions made by affiliates vary from brand to brand and the easy to navigate Trade Tracker dashboard showcases this to you for each brand and category very clearly, so you always know what you will be able to gain in commissions from each brand you’re working with before you sign up to their programme!

Monetize your site traffic and publisher activities right away today!

Earn income directly from your blog and website traffic by joining the network with the most affiliate campaigns worldwide

Performance excellence can only be achieved if one has a specialised knowledge in their field. Trade Tracker do know that a generic approach to affiliate marketing is not sufficient and so they have specially educated and trained Account Managers for their industry, who know exactly what is happening in your market and can provide specialised answers to any challenges that may present themselves to you along the way.

Trade Tracker’s desire to succeed and their urge to understand the market at the highest level, will lead you to great success and satisfaction. They have the keys to unlock the door to maximum
performance for you and help you monetize your site today

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