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Instagram's New Money Making Feature - Live Badges is Earning Creators Money - Lets Go!

What are Instagram Live Badges?

Instagram Live Badges is a new feature on Instagram that is set to completely change the game for influencers and creators on the social media platform. Heard about them? Wondering how Instagram Live Badges earn creators money? Well we're here to tell you exactly how!

In simple terms, these Instagram Live Badges are monetary “tips” that can be given to creators by users during an Instagram Live broadcast

This new feature is due to be an absolute game changer for creators, brands, tutors, influencers and more, who will now be in the position to make money from their live streams on Instagram Live and you should take not too if you want to learn how to make money from Instagram.

Continue reading with SheInspiredHer.com to find out more about the features of the Instagram Live Badge, alongside us letting you know exactly how you can gain access to use this new feature.

Who can use Instagram Live Badges?

So for now, this monetisation concept is only being rolled out to eligible creators in the US

Popular platforms Twitch and Tiktok already have a similar feature on their platforms, which allows for audiences to tip broadcasters during their live streams too. So it was only a matter of time before Instagram would follow suit.

So why would you want Instagram Live Badges?

In their recent Press Release regarding Live Badges Instagram said:

During the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve seen people supporting their favorite creators in Live with comments, likes and donations. To give fans another way to participate and show their love, we’re introducing badges that viewers can purchase during a live video.

In recent months, we’ve seen creators embrace Live in new ways, leading to a 70% increase in views from February to March. From fitness instructors to dancers, artists to chefs, Live has helped creators and businesses stay connected to their followers and bring people together. With badges, creators can generate income from the content they’re already creating.

Badges will appear next to a person’s name throughout the live video. Fans who have purchased badges in Live will stand out in the comments and unlock additional features, including placement on a creator's list of badge holders and access to a special heart".

Singer, Influencer and Serial Entrepreneur Crystxl King embraced the new feature by saying: “As artists we are creating content daily and often doing live performances, masterclasses and live streams on our socials to get people listening to and enjoying our music and to teach them about entrepreneurship and how to progress in certain niches. Up until now, this has often been ‘free work’ in a sense, because many of us are actually used to being paid for live shows and masterclasses! So Instagram introducing the Instagram Live Badges feature means that we can still do these live streams for the benefit of our audience and fans, they can still get the same information and enjoyment that they get out of it, but we as creators can also receive an income stream from the time spent if the users want to gift us with a tip, but it’s still not compulsory, which is also great as some users will not be able to offer tips - I think it’s great to do it this way and leave it to the user to decide”!

How does it work?

Users will be able to purchase a badge while they are watching a live video.

There are three different tiers of badge available for purchase. In the US users can purchase one heart for $0.99, two for $1.99 and three for $4.99

The cool thing is that the user can benefit from the purchase also, because purchasing a badge during a live will unlock additional features for the user themselves! As well as standing out in the comments to both the audience and the creator, the user will be placed on the creators list of badge holders and gain access to a special heart.

They are also therefore more likely to get a shoutout from the artist / creator or some sort of recognition from them, which for a fan is absolutely priceless!

Creators will be able to see from their side who is purchasing badges and this will create the ease for them to give this recognition, thanks and shout-outs to their fans during the live stream.

Where will this feature be available and when?

Unfortunately this has not yet been announced in terms of time frames and date, however Instagram’s creators site did announce that the feature will be made available in the UK, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey and Mexico “soon”.

It appears that eligible US based creators will be the first to receive the feature.

How to become eligible for the Instagram Live Badges feature

Your next thing you want from us is probably to know how to get Instagram Live Badges and to find out what are the Instagram Live Badges requirements! Surely you want to know if you yourself as a creator can start to monetise your live broadcasts on Instagram. Well here is what will make you eligible for the Instagram Live Badges feature.

To be eligible to have access to the Instagram Live Badges Feature creators must:

- Be 18+ years old

- Have a professional account (creator or business)

- Be in a region with access to the features

- Have 10k+ followers 

- Comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Partner Monetization Policies

So there you have it!

If you are in the UK like us and you want to use this new feature we say it is a great time to be patient and get your page ready for your Instagram Badges eligibility using the checklist above! It will be here in no time!

Best of luck - please leave comments below with any questions and we will answer them or just let us know if you found this post useful! We appreciate all feedback and it allows us to create even better content and article for you!

Article written by Crystal Emmanuel

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